A sea change has occurred in design and decor. We have moved from an obsession with old world European to a clean, American style. No more fake castles and French chateau vibed decor in the middle of the good old USA. Today, designers are embracing a look that feels modern and traditional at once. Below are some of the best examples of the new decor style that is beautiful and perfect in homes today.

No Baroque
The more ornate the better? Gilt, gilt and more gilt? Design has moved away from opulence to elegance.

In excess has become incongruent in decor. Gilt, scrolled work and embellishment in design is fading in favor of a clean, elegant look.


Working with traditional lines, designers and home decor brands and reinventing classics with a sleek, streamlined look. Not space age modern. Just clean and fresh.

There is still shine in the new transitional. But instead of gilt, the look involves straight lines with no curves and matte brass or silver.

Clean lines and matte brass feel fresh in transitional decor.


Goodbye Ketchup and Mustard

Even colors are becoming cleaner. Muddy gold and red, the colors of our favorite condiments, are being replaced with cooler blues, neutral gray and strong navy.

Clean colors such as cool blue, gray and strong navy have replaced muddy gold and red in decor.


The colors for paint and soft furnishings feel fresh and light filled. Much like the simpler, less ornate transitional classic decor itself.

Light and bright, colors are fresh and cool in the new transitional decor.


If you are thinking of remodeling or updating, consider the new American focus in decor. And leave the faux chateau in Europe.