Former Olympic Lifter John Humble opened a fitness studio in Brentwood called Humble Fitness.

If you ask Humble, he doesn’t call himself a “trainer” but a “fitness specialist.” With years of experience, Humble is a certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

All of his past training and experience has made him meticulous about how his athletes train. When we sat down with Humble, he mentioned how he trains young athletes, including his own son who is 9 years old, to ask how young can athletes start training?

John Humble, lower left, specializes in fitness training for teens.

John Humble, lower left, specializes in fitness training for teens.

“Parents ask me this question all the time,” Humble said.  “It’s a myth that kids should wait to lift weights until after puberty. So, yes they can start lifting as young as 9 years old, but they need to work out with someone like myself who can show them how to do it correctly to avoid injury.”

In addition to working with young athletes, Humble specializes in training with those who are over 50 with a goal to lose weight and gain strength. So we asked what are his top three tips for losing weight and maintaining strength as you age.

Resistance Training

“In my studio we use selectorized equipment. It’s a pin system instead of barbells. During my training session, I can take you through an entire workout with this system in one hour that would take two hours with free weights. Resistance training is the key and you need to train at least two times a week with rest days.”

Cardio is a Must 

“I like to keep it simple.  I ask my clients to walk every day for 30 minutes.  Keep in mind this should be a brisk walk and not a typical walk the dog, stop and talk to the neighbors several times. If you will walk at a brisk rate to keep your heart rate up, that is all the cardio you need.”

Eat Like You are on a Stranded Island 

John Humble

John Humble

“Jack Lalanne was a mentor of mine and he would often say “If man makes it, don’t eat it.”  I, over time, have taken that and changed it to “Eat like you are on a stranded island.”  So,what would eat if you were on a stranded island?  Fruit, nuts, veggies, fish … more like a Mediterranean diet. Do this for six days and allow one day to cheat.  My cheat day is Saturday. I start each Saturday morning  with a glass of chocolate milk and a Pop Tart. By doing this I can help eliminate cravings.”

Learn more about Humble Fitness’s state of the art facility,private one on one training sessions,and the personalized protein shakes on their website. If you interested in learning  more weight loss or training tips, John Humble is available to speak at your next event to share even more of his vast knowledge of training and tips.

Humble Fitness

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