In the middle of the night Saturday, senate Republicans pushed a 500-page tax bill, despite Democrats call for an extension to read the bill.

Narrowly passing with a 51-49 vote, the bill has spiked plenty of controversy over debt and the deficit, like most fiscal legislation.

This “tax” bill also harbored some of the Republicans social-issue wishlist, slipping changes to abortion, oil drilling, education and healthcare in the rushes legislation.

Below are four notable, non-tax issues addressed in the bill:

Promotes funding for private schools:

The tax bill lets congress use special accounts— previously dedicated to college— to fund private, religious and Home-schooling. The bill simultaneously removes tax deductions from public schools, who receive most of their funding from state and local taxes.

The Affordable Care Act

This bill targets the ACA, removing the ACA’s mandate that Americans buy health insurance or pay a penalty.

Experts predict that insurance costs could spike, and 13 million Americans could lose health insurance over the next decade because of the attack on ACA.

Republicans have attempted to “repeal and replace” the ACA in congress multiple times this year.

Oil and Gas Drilling

The bill allows drilling on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), a 19 million acre reserve, working around a true vote on the controversial issue.

The ANWR is the largest public nature reserve in the United States, previously protected by environmentalists in congress. With this tax bill came the approval of ANWR drilling.


The senate tax bill promotes Republican social agenda by granting “an unborn child,” the right to be the beneficiary of a type of college-savings plan called a 529.

This addition further humanizes the fetus, which Republicans often use to fight against abortion in legislation.

Now the Senate and the House will reconcile their two bills. While there is plenty of tax and budgetary overlap between the two, some of these revisions may not make it through to the final bill.