I know there’s still a month of summer left, but my mind is on the fast track to fall.

It’s the best time of year for entertaining, decorating and wardrobe re-vamping. There are so many fun and creative projects to try in the fall, and one of my favorite DIY project supplies is burlap. It’s a quintessential fall fabric that makes anything look rustic and chic. Many DIYers use burlap because of its simplicity and versatility.

While these fabulous burlap projects are all great for fall, you can put a seasonal spin on any of them to make any time of year!



Photo via Creative Ideas From Me To You

Putting your jewelry on display is becoming a popular way to store it. And if you’ve got an earring collection hiding away in a box somewhere, this burlap earring holder is just what you need in your life. It’s especially great for stud earrings, but all styles will work.

Head over to Creative Ideas From Me To You for the full tutorial.



Photo via Over the Big Moon

Add a touch of festive flair to your table with custom made burlap silverware holders. These are simple to make and can be used for any occasion. Embellish with seasonal materials like leaves, berries, ornaments or candy for a holiday specific table set up. If you’re looking for a cute way to display silverware at a wedding, this is a wonderful idea if you have the time to make one for each wedding guest!

Get the details on making these from Over the Big Moon.



Photo via A Piece of Rainbow

This functional piece can be made with just a few supplies: a cardboard box, burlap, a hot glue gun, and acrylic paints. The result is a stylish piece of handmade decor that will add a pop of color and texture to any room. Use it to store beauty products on your bathroom counter, or trinkets and coasters on your living room table, or as a storage box to hold scarves on your bedroom dresser. You could even make more than one and create a visual decorative element by stacking them or displaying them next to each other.

You’ll find the instructions for making this at A Piece of Rainbow.



Photo via Diva of DIY

When you can’t find throw pillows at the store that fit your style, make your own at home! These are fun because you can decorate them to match any season or holiday, and you can even design each side differently to make the pillows reversible. If you know someone who is buying their first home or going away to college, this would be a special, personalized gift that would make their new space even more cozy.

Stop by Diva of DIY for the full tutorial.


This isn’t your ordinary, everyday purse. This is a bag for creative minds who relish standing out with their style. It does require a bit of work, but the result is a super fun, unique bag that fashion risk takers will carry all the time.

Make this bag for yourself using the instructions on Trinkets in Bloom.