Has spring fever hit you yet? I know it has for me, and I’m already thinking about the ways I can tidy up my home. I’m all about finding ways to simplify my life so I can spend more time doing what I love, and in the summertime, that’s being outside and staying active. There’s a reason why spring cleaning exists, and for me, it’s just that—getting ready for summer travels and activities.

So, are you ready to start your own spring cleaning? It can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start, so pick one of these areas to start with. Work a little at a time, and you’ll have things back in order in no time.

  1. Your closet.

The seasons are changing, and chances are, you have several items in your closet that you haven’t touched all winter. If you haven’t worn them this winter, you probably won’t wear them next winter, or the one after that—let them go! Sweaters that are a little stretched out, a coat that you don’t love, a pair of boots that are just a little outdated for your taste—gather all of these items up and donate them.

  1. Your pantry or refrigerator.

How often do we come home from the grocery store, cram food into the pantry or fridge, and never check to see what it is we just shoved to the back to make space for the new? Open up the fridge or the pantry and pull everything out. Toss whatever is expired or no longer good to eat, and neatly put the rest away. You’ll likely be able to clean out the fridge in half an hour or less, but you’ll feel like a spring cleaning superhero once you’re done.

  1. Your bathroom.

For years, I had a million different shampoos, body washes, and various other beauty and bath products hiding in the dark corners of my bathroom cabinet. When I finally pulled it all out, I realized most of it was stuff I would never use, and it was just taking up valuable storage space! Most of us have a few products that we truly love and use for a long time, so why keep anything else? Toss old hair products that you haven’t used in more than six months, and definitely get rid of any makeup that could be older than six months or a year. The bathroom is a space you spend time in every single day, so focusing some decluttering energy there will make you feel better almost immediately.

Wherever you choose to start, remember to take it slow. You have full permission to work on just ONE cabinet at a time, or even just one small container! Don’t overwhelm yourself. Instead, set aside just a few minutes each day for decluttering in your home. Before you know it, you and your home will be ready to welcome the new season!

Happy spring cleaning!


Allie was born and raised in Georgia, and moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She’s a freelance writer, an old soul, and a chronic DIY-er. Connect with Allie at