(all photos via The Peach Truck on Instagram)

As a Georgia girl, I have long appreciated peaches. My family loved peach cobbler growing up, and I married a Georgia boy who could eat fresh peaches for days—we even made homemade peach jam for our wedding favors! Needless to say, I love when it’s Peach Truck season in Nashville.

If you’ve never partaken in the delicious fresh peaches that the Peach Truck brings to middle Tennessee, you’re missing out! Here are a few things you need to know about this juicy seasonal business.

  1. The Peach Truck gets their product straight from Georgia.

As you probably know, Georgia is prime peach-growing territory. The Peach Truck was started by a Georgia native, and boasts peaches from a family farm in the heart of the Peach State. Why would you want peaches from anywhere else?

  1. You can find the Peach Truck all around Nashville (not just at one of the many area Farmer’s Markets).

While you may think of your nearest Farmer’s Market as the best place to find fresh produce, that’s not the only spot you’ll find peaches from the Peach Truck. The Peach Truck also sets up shop at many local businesses, restaurants, and even churches. The business tends to move around often, so click here to find where they’ll set up shop in the next week or two.

  1. The Peach Truck travels to other areas in this region, too.

While Nashville was the first place the Peach Truck started selling peaches, it’s not the only place you’ll find it anymore. The Peach Truck heads out on “tour” during the summer to host pop-up shops and take peaches to Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. See their travel dates and temporary locations here.

  1. The Peach Truck’s season runs from mid-May to mid-August.

To ensure the absolute best quality of peaches, the Peach Truck only operates during the height of peach season. If they have especially high demand, they might run out of peaches early, so don’t wait to grab a bag for yourself this year!

  1. You can now ship fresh peaches to 46 states.

Want to send some fresh Georgia and Nashville love to faraway friends and family? You’re in luck. The Peach Truck can now ship fresh peaches to every state except Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Arizona. Peaches would make a great Father’s Day gift! Order on the Peach Truck website.

Want to keep up with the Peach Truck this summer? Admire their beautiful photos and find some seriously delicious peach recipes on their Facebook page (click here), their Instagram feed (click here), or their Pinterest boards (click here).

Oh, and check their website (click here) to send peaches to friends all over the country!



Allie was born and raised in Georgia, and moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She’s a freelance writer, Pilates instructor, old soul, and chronic DIY-er. Connect with Allie at