If you like dressing up for Halloween but aren’t big on full blown costumes, perhaps you could just create an animal costume using makeup. You could consider the makeup look your entire costume, or wear clothing to complete it. Either way, these are some fun ways to use makeup to create your purrrfect Halloween costume.


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Using black eyeliner, color the tip of your nose, your upper lip and dab on a few small freckles in between. Sweep gray and white shadow across your lower lash line and apply mascara to make your eyes pop. If you have enough hair to tease up, use a comb and hairspray to get the full lion effect.


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You can do this look as shown, or add spots to even more of your body for something more dramatic. Use foundation that is several shades darker than your skin tone to create giraffe spots, and outline with eyeliner one tone darker than the foundation. Pull your hair up into two giraffe horns and that’s it!


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This look will require a few different makeup products. You’ll need white face makeup, dark brown face makeup and dark brown eye makeup. You can create your own version or copy from the picture. Just make sure you find or make a headband with ears to complete the look.


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Paint your face white, paint the necessary spots black and that’s it! Easy peasy. Wear white and black clothing to make your look coordinate more, and add black panda ears if you can.


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This look is quite pretty. You’ll want to use black eyeliner for the nose, lip and upper eyelid, brown eye shadow for the crease and gray and white eyeliner for the lower lash line. Use concealer or foundation to create the spots, and add smaller ones in brown if you like the idea.


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You can look this meow-velous too! Use black eyeliner to create the simple look on the nose and mouth area, then go all out with dramatic eye makeup (the cat eye look is preferable, obviously!). Add a headband with cute cat ears and you’re ready to go. Dress in full black for the ultimate black cat Halloween ensemble.


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