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As editor of Style Home Page, I believe that New York and LA fashion forecasters are not style boss of you. The place we call home is full of creativity, beauty and innovation. In a word, style. So much style in fact, that we can barely keep up with all the fresh, fun places to shop, eat and play in our own backyard. But like your best friend, the one who shares insider secrets on shopping, the newest restaurants and is always invited to the best parties, Style Home Page will share the local style love with you every day. Because I believe in helping you be the boss of your own (amazing) life and style, right here in the place we call home. -Cathi

Ten things every YP needs to crush it

Rachel Layton was introduced to Style Home Page readers back in 2016 when we featured her great style. As Marketing Director  of A. Marshall Family Foods, the company behind the Puckett's brands, Scout's Pub and Homestead

Charleston favorite Caviar & Bannanas comes to Nashville

Charleston has dozens of culinary wonders with restaurants that create spectacular food. So imagine my surprise when on a trip to Charleston a few years ago, my most memorable meal was a humble sandwich from

I had micro-needling done. Here is what you need to know.

By CATHI AYCOCK I had thousands of holes punched in my face. And I'm thrilled about it. Microneedling, a procedure where a doctor or nurse uses a handheld device with very small needles to create

Colonel Littleton delights with artisan leathergoods

Colonel Littleton is in the business of creating handcrafted items that are destined to be passed down from one generation to the next. Though today he is synonymous with the finest handmade leather goods, it

Chinoiserie is the design trend that is timeless — and about to replace farmhouse chic

Farmhouse chic is about to be replaced. Move over chippy paint and industrial elements repurposed as light fixtures. Say hello to a touch of glamour with chinoiserie. Chinoiserie,  from the French word chinois, meaning “Chinese”, or

Draper James and Jack Rogers collaboration is adorable

This summer, Draper James, the Southern-inspired lifestyle brand founded by Nashville hometown girl Reese Witherspoon, will launch an exclusive capsule collection with Jack Rogers, the iconic shoe and accessory line. These fashion marriage made in

Rules on how to wear the cool untuck without looking like a slob

Recently, a commercial has been airing ad nasuem extolling an invention that took years to perfect--an untucked shirt. The shirt company, UNTUCKit, claims to have perfected a menswear shirt designed to be worn untucked. We

Mani/Pedi delivery to your door

Spa treatments that come to you? It sounds like the life of a celebrity, but Cassie Harrington, owner of Toes on the Go believes that everyone deserves a touch of luxury in their lives. "I

Five fun things to cram in this summer

By CATHI AYCOCK I always have a minor come apart when July 4th hits and I haven't enjoyed as much leisure as I envisioned. Where does the time fly? Most goes to work, responsibilities and

Where smoke is celebrated: Cigar bars in Nashville

When you want to savor a cigar and don't want to be banished to outside? Head to a cigar bar. A haven for cigar connoisseurs and a great place to learn about different brands, a

HGTV House Hunters features Franklin couple in home re-do

HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows Franklin residents Greg and Marianne DeMeyers as they search for the perfect house. The rub? The perfect house needs lots of renovation to make it a home they can love.

Do they have brag swag up North?

By CATHI AYCOCK Southern pride, as well as state and city pride are at an all time high around here. Sort of along the lines of "we hate to brag ya'll, but damn we are

The best non-breakable plates for patio parties (they look like handmade pottery!)

Melamine, a resin substance, seemed space age when it launched in the 1960s. In the early days, this durable plastic was hailed as a miracle of science with every home sporting Formica countertops and melamine

James Beard “Ode to the Sea” dinner comes to Nashville

Last month, the James Beard Foundation invited local food legend, Matt Farley, TomKats Hospitality executive chef, and his staff to cook a five-course meal at the esteemed James Beard House in Manhattan. Diners from across

How to wear the hottest summer trend

By CATHI AYCOCK You know the saying about the apple not falling far from the tree? Meet apple, aka Claire Aycock. My daughter Claire has grown up attending fashion shows -- and hearing me extol

The bra expert explains strapless bras (up to an H cup!)

She has measured thousands of women for the perfect bra. On a recent vacation to New York City, one of her must-see stops was not the average tourist stops, but a luxe lingerie shop. Is

Do you know what questions to ask when buying a sofa?

By CATHI AYCOCK I once bought a beautiful Pottery Barn couch. A sofa can look beautiful but still not be right for you. Asking the right questions can help you make the perfect sofa selection.

Five doughnut places you need to try

Remember when cupcakes were the sweet of the moment? Cupcakes were on top of the world and doughnuts were an afterthought to coffee, and the primary food choice for sitcom cops. Today, doughnuts, in all

5 “Go Preds” outfits that work for even strict office dress codes

By CATHI AYCOCK If your office dress code is cramping your Preds-style (no jerseys, what is that about?) we have the solution. This summer a bevy of gold and navy options are filling the stores.

Testing 1-2-3… a BB cream and concealer for damaged nails

By CATHI AYCOCK That annoying tapping on the microphone followed by the phrase "testing, one, two, three"? I am eliminating that from your life. At least from your beauty life. I'm testing some of the

Prosecco vs Champagne: what is the diff? (Price, calories….)

By CATHI AYCOCK Summertime is the season for bubbly wine. Prosecco and Champagne, both bubble filled wines, are traditionally thought to be a summer refresher. (Instead of a heavier red wine, which trends more during

Shopping Made-in-America Fashion

Made in America is more than a bygone slogan. There are many great fashion options that are produced right here in the United States of America. We've rounded up a few of our favorites --

Nine Nashville museums you need to visit this summer

Summertime means fun in the sun, but it also offers a chance to explore and play "tourist" in your own hometown. We've curated nine great museums, from visual arts to automobiles to Tennessee history and

Night at the Farmer’s Market

The Thompson’s Station Farmer’s Market will forego its usual daytime schedule on Wednesday, May 31, opening its doors for the first ever night market from 4p.m. to 7 p.m. The Farmer’s Market -- regularly held

If you don’t protect yourself from this — you are growing wrinkles

By CATHI AYCOCK Wrinkles are not a forgone conclusion. Yes, skin is going to age. But we could literally cut wrinkles and skin laxity in half if we behaved. And by behave I mean use