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Cathi Aycock, Author at Style Home Page | Page 2 of 22 Cathi Aycock, Author at Style Home Page | Page 2 of 22

About Cathi Aycock

As editor of Style Home Page, I believe that New York and LA fashion forecasters are not style boss of you. The place we call home is full of creativity, beauty and innovation. In a word, style. So much style in fact, that we can barely keep up with all the fresh, fun places to shop, eat and play in our own backyard. But like your best friend, the one who shares insider secrets on shopping, the newest restaurants and is always invited to the best parties, Style Home Page will share the local style love with you every day. Because I believe in helping you be the boss of your own (amazing) life and style, right here in the place we call home. -Cathi

Grill gadgets that will make you a primo grillmaster

By CATHI AYCOCK Since man discovered fire (and well-aged marbled steak) there has been an obsession with grilling. With grilling season here, it is time to ramp up your grilling game with some cool accessories.

Best of new (fab) home decor store, NEST

By CATHI AYCOCK As a self-processed homebody, my nesting instinct is always on go. Nothing makes me happier than creating a home that is welcoming and warm. Which is probably the reason I immediately fell

Always wear black? Read this to bust out the color without feeling like a clown

I love black. Inky and sophisticated, a little black anything is fashion's favorite item. But non-stop black, especially in the heat of summer, can look heavy. Fear not the color wheel. We give you some

Five great accessories to jack up your summer look (under $25)

Summertime is all about easy breezy fashion. Throw on a cotton sundress or white denim and a pop of color top and you are almost in the summer greatness fashion zone. What puts you firmly

There are rules for wedding gifts–if you want to stay friends you’ll follow them

By CATHI AYCOCK We are poised for wedding season with thick white envelopes arriving in the mail inviting us to share the special day with friends and family. If you want to actually stay friends

Fidget Toy is today’s status boy toy

Boys and their toys used to mean cars, tech or sports equipment. Today, the toy of the moment is designed to help antsy men (and OK, women) feel a sense of calm and focus. Fidget

These key items are (almost) as important as the bathing suit buy

By CATHI AYCOCK Bathing suit shopping is universally reviled. Nobody sane really enjoys going into a cubicle with only a curtain between you and the masses and trying on little bitty pieces of fabric. Once

When Mother’s Day is painful … gift this

By CATHI AYCOCK Mother's Day is bittersweet for me. While I celebrate the fact that I am mother to two great people, I also miss my own mom. Just walking past the card section in

Three new Nashville restaurants that offer global food

Take a trip around the world by heading to three new global leaning restaurants in Nashville. French-inspired fare, upscale Chinese street food and Caribbean flavors give the booming food culture in Nashville a world view.

Ten great graduation gifts

By CATHI AYCOCK Graduation is coming and along with those diplomas and cap and gowns are graduation gifts. We picked the top ten gifts for any high school graduate. At all price points, there is

What ever happened to bedspreads?

Bedspreads ruled in my childhood years. I was never actually allowed to use them of course. Bedspread edicts in my home included "don't sit on the bed" and "turn your bed down neatly" and the

The designer shoe trend you can score on the cheap (pretty and comfy!)

By CATHI AYCOCK Pearls in a choker around the neck (especially when paired with a sweater set) can read Queen Mumsy. But pearls festooning shoes, handbags and other accessories seems decadent in a good way.

Four products makeup artists obsess over

By CATHI AYCOCK Working with makeup artists is slightly dangerous. I already have a Sephora-like makeup collection, yet being besties with makeup artists gives me a front row seat to every new (amazing)  product. Polling

The one print that you need for summer (it can read preppy, sexy or sporty!)

By CATHI AYCOCK The one print that can morph from preppy girl to Bridget Bardot sexy to jeans and Saturday wear? Surprise: it's gingham. The versatile print works for every age and maybe that is

Secret beauty products that are worth the splurge. (And a few great cheap options!)

By CATHI AYCOCK Some of my favorite beauty buys are ultra cheap. But others are totally worth the splurge: sometimes you really do get what you pay for. I've tested hundreds of products and I'm

Five comfy shoes you can wear for hours that are totally chic

My Fitbit logged over 12,000 steps last week on a day spent getting ready for a fashion show and meeting with clients who needed the perfect dress/jeans/outfit. While days spent running in heels demand endurance,

Five things that make your home look out of date (and what to do instead)

By CATHI AYCOCK Avocado green appliances, mauve paint, all things country French and faux Tuscany: each of these trends give a specific time warp to a home. It is easy to fall into the trap

Why we all want to be Josie Natori when we grow up

By CATHI AYCOCK I recently met famed designer Josie Natori when she visited Nashville and decided, along with every other woman in the room, that I want to be her when I grow up. Elegant

Five books guys will love (even if they hate to read)

By CATHI AYCOCK My hubs loves to read. Now. Like after a decade of watching me devour books and feeling left out. And having me laugh, cry and scream while I immerse myself in books

Who will chair the oldest black tie event in Williamson County?

The Heritage Foundation announced its ball chairs for the 44th Annual Heritage Ball.  Nancy Smith and Greg Flittner will lead Williamson County’s longest running black tie affair.  The gala will be held at the Eastern

Symphony Fashion Show featuring Zac Posen

The  Schermerhorn Symphony Center was abuzz on Tuesday night with (mostly) women wearing beautiful dresses primed to see even more beautiful dresses. The Symphony Fashion Show, presented through a partnership between the Symphony and Gus

Five amazing swimsuits for curvy on the bottom figures

Pear shaped women (curvy on the bottom and smaller on top) sometimes struggle to find a bathing suit that flatters their figure instead of emphasizing flaws. But with a few insider shopping tips, finding the

Best places to buy homemade food and pretend you cooked

By CATHI AYCOCK I recently invited family and friends over for lunch after church. And then had the week from hell. Sometimes life becomes a whirling dervish. And, despite your best time management efforts, you

City Farmhouse Pop Up Fair is here!

The CityFarmhouse Pop-up Fair, starting Friday, June 16, at The Factory at Franklin, is a two-day vintage and antiquing extravaganza featuring 70 hand-selected vendors from all across the U.S. The Fair was named one of

Yes, you can wear business clothes on the weekend

When I'm shopping for someone, I ask them to imagine their life as a pie chart. Do they spend 60-percent of their week at work, 20-percent out and about and 20-percent at home? Then their