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Cathi Aycock, Author at Style Home Page | Page 3 of 22 Cathi Aycock, Author at Style Home Page | Page 3 of 22

About Cathi Aycock

As editor of Style Home Page, I believe that New York and LA fashion forecasters are not style boss of you. The place we call home is full of creativity, beauty and innovation. In a word, style. So much style in fact, that we can barely keep up with all the fresh, fun places to shop, eat and play in our own backyard. But like your best friend, the one who shares insider secrets on shopping, the newest restaurants and is always invited to the best parties, Style Home Page will share the local style love with you every day. Because I believe in helping you be the boss of your own (amazing) life and style, right here in the place we call home. -Cathi

Do you know what you dry your body with every day?

Towels and wash clothes are pretty intimate with your private parts. The often neglected towel touches more of your bits and pieces than almost anything in your home. And yet, we often shop for towels

Garden party charm for your home

By CATHI AYCOCK The whole "don't plant until after Mother's Day" adage is ringing in my ears. But the gardening itch is every bit as strong. I fight the urge to plant (and possibly mourn if

Still time to make Mother’s Day reservations

By CATHI AYCOCK You still have time to make Mother's Day reservations. (You are going to pamper the woman who cut the crust off your PB&J's for your entire grade school years, sat in the

Iced Tea Cocktails that are sooo Southern

Iced tea might be the house wine of the South, but ice tea based cocktails is even more Southern (Because bourbon ya'll). With springtime and warmer weather, it's time to sit on the porch with

Chef-driven ice cream flavors you have to try

Ice cream has gone way beyond the big three: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Concoctions infused with lavender or topped with candied bacon make ice cream flavors wildly imaginative and incredibly delicious. We've chosen a few

The best paint colors for 2017

By CATHI AYCOCK Paint is the bane of my existance and the joy of my budget-minded decor plans. Paint befuddles me (is this white a pinky white or a yellow white?) and those tiny chip

Like lash extensions, but way easier: multi-step lash products put to the test

By CATHI AYCOCK Mascara used to be so simple. Coat your lashes with mascara laden brush (while weirdly holding mouth open) and voila! Darker, longer, fatter lashes. Today, you need a beauty PhD to navigate

Make reservations now for Easter brunch!

Enjoy Easter Sunday brunch with family and friends without spending all your time in the kitchen. We've rounded up some great restaurants that offer delicious brunch options. But make reservations now: Easter Sunday is traditionally

The Food Trucks are Rolling In

The food trucks are coming! Eat the Street Food Truck Festival benefiting the 21st District Recovery Court, is 5 – 10 p.m. Friday, May 5 at Franklin Bicentennial Park, located at Hillsboro Rd. and 3rd Ave. North, featuring

Algebra class to Arrington wedding: this couple add up to love

April Carpenter  and Michael Campbell met in Algebra class in high school. But it didn't take a mathematician to figure out that these two high school sweethearts were meant for each other. April gives us

The block heel will make you do the happy dance

A stiletto is both an object of admiration and loathing. Pretty and feminine, the shoe with the heel as skinny as the knife for which it is named, is far from comfortable. The block heel,

What stores are opening, closing and moving?

By CATHI AYCOCK Staying on trend means knowing where to shop. With a retail landscape that is ever shifting, we give you the details on who is coming to town, who is packing up shop

What to wear on the 4th and not look like Miss Firecracker

By CATHI AYCOCK I love the stars and stripes. I get teary eyed when I hear "God Bless America." In short, I believe I live in the best country in the world. But that doesn't

Craftsmasters Series offers local spirits, farm to table food and High Hope love

By CATHI AYCOCK The Craftmasters Series returns on April 6 to Homestead Manor bringing local spirits from H. Clark Distillery, a three-course farm to fork dinner and four local artists/songwriters. Now in it's second year,

Dillard’s at The Mall at Green Hills boasts airy feel

A new Dillard's store at The Mall at Green Hills opened March 30. The store is 180,000 square feet of luxury starting with covered underground parking and a glass elavator that jets you up to a

Olive oil is healthful if you are getting the real thing

By CATHI AYCOCK Olive oil is touted as a multi-tasking magic elixir for healthy eating. From raising good cholesterol to weight loss properties, olive oil is certifiably on the good for you food list. What isn't

Let’s go shopping at e.Allen

By CATHI AYCOCK If you haven't popped in charming boutique e.Allen, you are missing out on some great fashion. Feminine and edgy at once, mothers and daughters will shop here for dresses for special events,

Hot chicken pizza, salad and other (delicious) hot chicken creations

By CATHI AYCOCK We all know the original hot chicken that has become a Nashville signature dish. White bread, mouth-burning fried chicken and a pickle are usually part of the plate. But chefs all over

Funky socks add flair to often-monotonous menswear

By CATHI AYCOCK To say that Frank Coyle's staggering sock collection started with the sincerest form of flattery and blossomed into the sincerest form of friendship gives the humble foot covering a lot of credit.

5 beauty secrets I stole from models

By CATHI AYCOCK Lucky me. I shop for a living, styling real women and models with equal zeal. Why does a model need styling? They don't. But with a dozen fashion shows under my belt,

What you need to know about dip nails versus a gel manicure

By CATHI AYCOCK The big three in long-wearing manicure options are acrylic nails, gel manicure and now, dip nails. I tested the dip nail manicure and share the beauty investigation with you. I've had acrylic

This look never goes out of style

By CATHI AYCOCK Spring trends are pouring in and one of my favorites is a classic. Ladylike jackets a'la Chanel with tweedy cuteness and a cropped shape are technically not a trend but a classic.

Best floor covering options for homes with pets, kids or high traffic

I once had a neighbor who vacuumed her carpet every day, moving backward so that she never had a footprint on the pile of the rug. She insisted her children not walk on the rugs,

Discover off-the-beaten (mall) path shops in Hillsboro Village

By CATHI AYCOCK Meander through charming Hillsboro Village and score funky art, artisan jewelry, cool-girl denim and sassy dresses. We give you four of our favorite off-the-beaten path shops that are calling your name. Start

Best biscuit creations in Nashville

Fluffy pillows of Southern goodness, biscuits have long been a breakfast staple. Now, butter and jelly has competition with all of the biscuit creations that local chefs are offering. We offer four great biscuit offerings