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Celebrate National Public Lands Day At Tennessee State Parks On Sept. 22

September 22 marks the official start of the fall season. Beginning in 1994, however, this autumnal day is also recognized as National Public Lands Day and Tennessee has several ways for you to celebrate our

Is It Time to Take a Step Back from Your Cell Phone?

By ALLIE MYSZKA Technology is a wonderful thing and helps all of us in the modern world to save time and work more efficiently. But sometimes, we get a little too caught up in our

Easy Summertime Snacks to Crush Your Cravings

By ALLIE MYSZKA Finding yourself craving ice cream to get you through the dog days of summer? Before you reach for a sugary frozen treat this summer, check out a few summer snacks that are

Body Balance With V: Evolve by Understanding Your Workout Why

By VANESSA HAMPTON I just returned from a week of vacation at the beach. Stepping away from a routine, work, and a busy schedule always allows room for some reflection on how to make changes

Swanky’s Taco Shop permanently closes Franklin location

By RUSSELL VANNOZZI Franklin residents have one less place to get their taco fix. According to Swanky’s Taco Shop co-owner Michelle Wilson, the Franklin restaurant is now permanently closed. The store’s sign has been taken

Push Past Initial Fatigue With Visualization

By JENNY PRUITT CLEVELAND What’s the absolute hardest part of your workout? My mom says (HERE) that for her it’s putting on her tennis shoes.  “Once you get your tennis shoes on,” she says, “you

Chefs Backstage at Sinema returns

This summer’s blockbuster is Chefs Backstage at Sinema, an unrehearsed dinner series, returning after last year’s successful first run. A cast of talented chefs from Nashville will join Sinema’s Kyle Patterson for this lively dinner

5 Reasons to Try the Candle Bar

By ALLIE MYSZKA Dinner and a movie—again. Girls night out at the restaurant up the street—great, but it’s getting a bit old. Why not try something new for a laidback night out? The Candle Bar

5 Ways to Drink More Water

By ALLIE MYSZKA We all know water is good for our bodies, but how many of us actually drink as much water as we should? Water is important for our overall health, and it’s especially

Is Your Friend Game As Strong As It Was In Kindergarten?

By JENNY PRUITT CLEVELAND My tendency is to act like I’ve just been thrown in jail when I’m merging with a group of people I don’t know – whether it’s at the gym, in the

Body Balance With V: Acupuncture vs. Dry Needling

By VANESSA HAMPTON Acupuncture and dry needling are forms of alternative treatments for various conditions and pain. Because they both use small thin needles in their treatment, they are often confused. I use both forms

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Staying flexible with massage

Without even realizing, your flexibility level goes from a 10 to a 5 (or less) as you pass through your 20s, 30s, and so on. Stretching is an absolutely critical part of overall health and

5 Simple Ways to Slow Down This Summer

By ALLIE MYSZKA When we were kids, summer was the ultimate vacation. It didn’t matter if you weren’t actually traveling anywhere—you didn’t have to go to school! Your days were suddenly open, and for the

What To Do For Independence Day In Nashville

Still putting together plans for Independence Day Celebrations? If you're not planning on hosting or attending an at-home BBQ/ get-together, you may want to consider any of the amazing options featured below: Let Freedom Sing

Body Balance With V: Choose Healthy

By VANESSA HAMPTON Living a healthy life is a process. It’s not something given to you. It’s not something that some people just have and others don’t. There’s not a magic pill, diet, or workout

Five Easy, Affordable Ways to Treat Yourself (That Aren’t Food)

By ALEXANDRA MATZKO Rewards are great. This type of positive reinforcement is proven to be the best incentive for success at work, at your personal goals, and at convincing [read: blackmailing] kids into doing what

Celebrate Rudy’s Jazz Room One-Year Anniversary

Rudy's Jazz Room, Nashville's newest and hottest jazz club will be celebrating their 1-Year Anniversary with a weekend filled of extraordinary talent and specials. Beginning Thursday, June 28 and lasting through Sunday July 1, Rudy's will host a

Patriotic Dessert Ideas for Independence Day

By ALLIE MYSZKA You’ve been invited to a gathering for Independence Day, and it’s your job to bring dessert. Sure, you could just bake cupcakes and frost them with red, white, and blue icing. But

6 Summertime Slow Cooker Recipes

By ALLIE MYSZKA When you think of your slow cooker, do you think about making soups and warm, hearty dishes? Those recipes can be wonderful in cooler seasons, but they’re definitely not suitable for the

Pastry chef brings dog pastries to town on a food truck

By ALEXANDER WILLIS Dog Pastries are making the rounds in Spring Hill by way of 4 Paws Pastries, a food truck that caters specifically to dogs. Alan and Kinsey Smith started their venture into canine

Healthy, Nontoxic Makeup Starter Kit

By ALEXANDRA MATZKO The green beauty scene has been around for a while now, but you might be a newbie who is totally at a loss at where to start in this pretty prodigious green

Local Artist Reuben Bidez Releases Sophomore EP ‘Something To Say’

Forward-thinking, local folk rocker Reuben Bidez has officially released his sophomore EP Something To Say. The EP was largely recorded with producer Jeff Saenz in Dallas, TX during a week-long session at Modern Electric Sound Recorders. with a group of instrumentalists that

New VCA Charities Pet Food Pantry to Open in Nashville

VCA Animal Hospitals, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and the Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare (SAFPAW) have teamed up to hold their first VCA Charities Pet Food Pantry food distribution event in Nashville. The event

Body Balance With V: The Harm In Sitting & How to Fight Back

By VANESSA HAMPTON I have chronic back issues. Advanced arthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging disc (at one time)…pretty much the perfect storm for back pain. When I first found out about my back problems I was

International Day Of Yoga Fun In Music City

By KENDALL GILFILLAN Let's be honest. Is there even a single day left on the calendar that isn't some sort of national day of something? Probably not. We still celebrate anyway. Turns out, today is