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MUSE CITY: Introducing Nashville’s newest dating column

Think "Sex and the City" meets Music City. Style Home Page is excited to introduce to you the concept for our newest column...Muse City! Designed to give you an authentic inside look at the unique

Body Balance with V: Am I drinking enough water?

By VANESSA HAMPTON I am "that" person. I carry around a gallon jug of water with me...everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean it. Not that long ago, my husband and I went on

Style With A Purpose Meet-Up

By KENDALL GILFILLAN Interested in thrifting but don't know how to do so successfully? Want to use your flare for fashion to make a difference and serve a purpose? Then look no further than Bellevue

Need to Know: Upcoming Business Training Events for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

By ANNA FREEMAN GREER An important ingredient to starting and growing a business is continual education. Two opportunities to learn and grow, EntreLeadership and The Business Boutique, arrive in Nashville this month and next: EntreLeadership

3 reasons to start a new workout routine before the holidays

By ALLIE MYSZKA Can you believe it’s already October? The kids have (hopefully!) settled back into a school routine by now, and we’re in a bit of a lull until the holidays arrive. Maybe you

Deacon’s New South opens in Nashville

By KENDALL GILFILLAN Deacon's New South, the ninth and newest dining concept from A. Marshall Family Foods, opens its doors to the public for their soft opening on October 18. Located just down the road

October 18: Movefit at Sunset

By KENDALL GILFILLAN Being called Franklin's first ever "positive body image night", Lululemon, Dani D. Fitness, and Whole Foods Market are coming together for a night of movement! The "Movefit at Sunset" event takes place

Throw a curve-ball to fix the problem

By JENNY PRUITT CLEVELAND This won’t be the first time I contradict myself. And it won’t be the first time I don’t like my own advice. I said not too long ago to think of

Fun No-Carve Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

By LEENA KOLLAR As much as I enjoy seeing pumpkins carved in really cool designs, I hate having to actually carve pumpkins. It's messy, it's smelly and my carvings never turn out the way I

“Me too.”

By KENDALL GILFILLAN I woke up this morning and opened my Facebook while still laying in bed. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. And I began to cry. Here’s why: In the fall semester of

3 ways to take care of your skin during the changing seasons

By ALLIE MYSZKA Cooler fall weather has finally arrived—hopefully to stay! With drier air and a drop in temperature, the change in seasons can certainly take a toll on our entire bodies. When you’re taking

8 Hauntingly Good Halloween Drink Recipes

By LEENA KOLLAR For kids, Halloween is all about candy, costumes and trick-or-treating. For grown ups, the fun happens in the form of cocktails. For those who are festive and enjoy specialty drinks for the

Why, When, and How to Plan for Your Retirement

By CAREN P. WILLIAMS, CPM® Financial Advisor and Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley   Affording a comfortable lifestyle in retirement is one of the most common concerns I hear from individuals when discussing their financial

Your Passion is Calling: Casey Enright and The Word Wagon

By DEB ENRIGHT At 19 years of age while a junior at Belmont University, Casey Enright, the Founder of The Word Wagon answered a question with what she describes as her “Scariest, but best ‘YES’”.

Body Balance with V: My Over 40 Body

by VANESSA HAMPTON I remember the day, when I was nearing the age of 40, that I received a letter in the mail from my health insurance company. It stated that my premiums were going

The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club debuts in East Nashville

By KENDALL GILFILLAN The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club has officially opened its doors and established itself as East Nashville’s new go-to spot in no time at all. A small, yet spacious area tucked away

How To Prepare Your Home for Guests

By ALLIE MYSZKA The holidays may not be here just yet, but they’re certainly coming! Many of us open our homes to friends and family during this time of year, so how can you make

Taylor Swift spotted shooting video in Nashville

It seems as though Taylor Swift is working on some more magic in secret again-- this time right here in Nashville. Shortly after the release of her music video for "Look What You Made Me

Take it all in stride, except for your stride

By JENNY PRUITT CLEVELAND Most of us reluctantly acknowledge the signs of aging. The faint feathering around our eyes in our twenties. New grays in our thirties. A bit of sag above our knees in

Ask these 3 questions before partnering

By ANNA FREEMAN GREER Entering into a partnership is not something to be taken lightly. Like anything else, planning and preparation will take you a long way toward entering into a successful partnership. Thinking of

Need to Know: E.P.A. announces repeal of the Clean Power Plan

By KENDALL GILFILLAN The Trump Administration announced Monday morning that they will be taking formal steps to repeal the Clean Power Plan-- beginning with filing the repeal proposal in the Federal Register on Tuesday morning.

GLOW Beauty App launches in Nashville

By LEENA KOLLAR What started as a beauty business that Yazmin Cavale ran out of her home garage in Birmingham is now an innovative app that lets women book one-on-one beauty services at the location

How to make the most of your daily commute

By ALLIE MYSZKA Unless you’re fortunate enough to work from home, odds are good that you’re dealing with some length of commute to and from your job. Whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour each

Tips for layering in fickle fall weather

By LEENA KOLLAR Here in Nashville, the weather can be so hard to predict. While it's usually chilly in the morning once fall comes around, there are some days when hints of summer still make

Local artists release Tom Petty cover to benefit Music Health Alliance

By KENDALL GILFILLAN Over the summer in East Nashville's Magnetic Sound Studio, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Lilly Hiatt recorded a folky cover of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' "Walls." Now, following Tom Petty's untimely death,