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Give Dad the gift of relaxation

Buying gifts for dad is usually rather simple: new tools, grilling supplies, or tickets to see their favorite sports team play. However, there is one thing dads never get enough of: pure, intentional relaxation. At

Movies in the Park kicks off Thursday night with showing of ‘Black Panther’

One of the most loved events of the summer is here… It’s time for the Nashville Scene’s Movies in the Park. Tonight, Thursday, June 6, the event will kick off with a showing of Black

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Why am I sore after a massage?

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Most go to get a massage due to tight or sore muscles, aches, pains and tension. Sometimes, however, after your massage it may feel like you just ran a marathon or

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day with a specialty massage

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift year after year can sometimes feel impossible. The standard bouquet of flowers or sweet treat just doesn’t quite express appreciation the way that moms deserve. With summer right around

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Celebrate Earth Day in the sun

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE With the change in weather, staying indoors can feel near impossible. Spring sunshine is shining, flowers are blooming and the warm breeze is blowing. On this Earth Day, Elements Massage experts

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Make the most of your life one simple step at a time

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Being told to “make the most of your life” can seem overwhelming and near impossible when you’re trying to balance work, school, friends, family, and more. Sometimes it seems like time

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Five daily tips to achieve a clear mind

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Since the new year began, stress for many has started to build as the responsibilities kick into high gear in work and home life. The tension of day to day tasks

Celebrate your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a specialty massage

By REBEKAH JONES Chocolates, wine, and dinner dates. Valentine’s Day so often becomes a repetitive, halfhearted holiday that leaves card aisles and wallets empty. If you’re looking for something extra special for your significant other,

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Relax with the new Rose Petal AromaRitual at Elements Massage

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Whether you’re stressed from work, sore from exercise, or feeling fatigued from the cold weather, you can count on an aromatherapy massage to relieve your tensions and relax your body and

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Get through the rest of winter with these beauty, skincare, relaxation tips

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Dry skin, tight muscles, fatigued mind… odds are you’re getting a little frustrated with winter and everything that comes along with the cold weather. Cold temperatures bring a whole new set

Find something special for the woman in your life at Kelly Spalding Designs’ Bourbon, BBQ & Shopping event Thursday

By REBEKAH JONES At Kelly Spalding Designs, finding a unique Christmas present is one easy task. The store is filled with vintage pieces, handmade treasures and modern decor as well. With Christmas right around the

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: The lesser-known benefits of massage therapy

SPONSORED BY ELEMENTS MASSAGE Many people get massages for the purpose of feeling good and relaxing. But the other benefits, which are many, can help everyone from the young athlete to the grandparent. Massage therapy

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Giving the gift of self-care

From Thanksgiving through the new year, the cheer and festivities do not stop… but neither does the gift buying. Following Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Over 30 percent of annual retail sales in the U.S. happen between

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Checking in on your wellness goals

As we approach the start of a new year, now is a perfect time for you to look back at 2018, evaluate your successes and where you might not have hit the mark, when it

Nashville’s best all-natural pampering spots

Photo by @lemon_laine on Instagram By ALLIE MYSZKA Let’s think about your skincare and beauty routines for a minute. How many products do you use? From face wash to nail polish and everything in between,

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Five weekly self-care practices

Self-care is one of the most vital parts of life, yet it is often neglected or perceived as selfish. Without it, you can become unmotivated at best or burnt out and plain unhealthy, at worst.

What’s next on your playlist? Meet country artist Jillian Cardarelli

Photo by Lydia Stubbs Rising singer/songwriter Jillian Cardarelli has been described as “country-politan,” and is forging her own path in country music with her stunning vocals, captivating songwriting and girl next door quality. Originally from

4 easy make-ahead tailgate recipes for game day

Photo courtesy of Dip Recipe Creations For some, Labor Day marks the end of summer. But for many of us, especially in the South, it marks the official beginning of something glorious—college football season. Whether you’re

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: How to stop in a world that doesn’t

Summer is over and the mayhem of work and/or school is in full swing. When you think of the word “relax,” you probably think of laying on a beach, curling up with your favorite book

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Learning to say no

Everyone, at some point, feels the pressure to say yes. Often times, saying yes becomes an automatic response that can leave you tired, stressed or resentful. Saying no is often very hard to practice. We

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Relieve your pain with trigger point therapy massage

For those with chronic pain, migraines or sciatica, the search for relief can seem endless. Living with pain on a daily basis is the norm. Medication or physical therapy is an answer, but only a

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: 7 things a great massage therapist knows about you

During and after a great massage, you may find yourself wondering: How did the massage therapist know exactly what spots to work on? How did they know exactly what muscle needed to be unknotted? How

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Including massage in your summer fitness

After months of hibernation, people are finally making their way out of their cozy homes to bask in the sunshine. Along with tanning and trips to the beach comes summer fitness goals; getting back in

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Taking aromatherapy to the next level

Photo courtesy of Elements Massage Elements Massage has just launched AromaRitual, their newest line of exclusive aromatherapy treatments. With AromaRitual, Elements Massage clients can experience a personalized, immersive aromatic treatment. In addition to this new

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Five ways to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day

With the day to day household chaos, work responsibilities, and other social or family commitments, sometimes moms, one of the most nurturing and loving parts of a family, can be overlooked. Luckily, a day was