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The line of pushing yourself and treating yourself.

Top 3 Remedies To Keep The Stink Away

By JENNY PRUITT CLEVELAND If you regularly get your sweat on, you probably have the same problem I do. Stinky sportswear. Sometimes within minutes of putting it on. Is our detergent just not cutting it? Is it just that modern high-tech fabrics hold the funk? Is it a “personal problem”? Or what? I’ve always been a bit of a granola girl (except for never leaving the house without lipstick—thanks to my Southern mama).  I drink from a Camelbak, I wear Jesus-sandals, I sweeten my food with maple syrup, I make my own trail mix, I use aluminum-free deodorant.  So yes, when I get out there and sweat, I stink. But sweating doesn't actually produce an odor in itself. It's the


The line of pushing yourself and treating yourself.

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