For local Realtors Dick and Judy Williams, Christmas decorating means go big or go home.

And their Brentwood home is definitely Christmas big, beautiful and filled with friends and family who are blessed with the couple’s gift of hospitality.

Judy Williams-25

Entering the home of Dick and Judy Williams, you find a winter wonderland filled with beautiful Christmas decor and five Christmas trees.

“Dick and I both love Christmas and decorating. Christmas was always magical to me growing up. And I have never lost that feeling of magic during the holiday season,” laughs Judy, who says she is “thankful my husband goes along with me and loves Christmas too.”

Judy Williams-33

With a love of entertaining and all things Christmas, Brentwood residents Dick and Judy Williams share their trees of Christmas with Style Home Page.

When the couple married, some 27 years ago, they started what Judy calls a small Santa collection. Today, that collection has grown to over 100, though Judy often gifts Santa figures and collectibles to their nieces and nephews.

Judy Williams-8

One of the many Santa collectibles Dick and Judy Williams display in their home for Christmas.

Along with their Santa collection, the Williams have five fully decorated trees. All of the trees and themed to work with the decor of the room, though they have one traditional red and green tree in the family room.

“Last year we added a Mark Roberts themed tree with all sorts of Christmas elves. The kids love that tree,” Judy Williams says.

Judy Williams-1

Children love this tree, bedecked with elves from the coveted Mark Roberts collection at Dick and Judy Williams’ home.

In addition to the Christmas elves-themed tree, the Williams have a jaw droppingly beautiful peacock-themed tree in their dining room. Not only is the tree filled with ornaments and glittery peacock feathers, the dining room tablescape coordinates with the tree.

The peacock tree, with dining room tablescape to match, at the Brentwood home of realtors Dick and Judy Williams.

The peacock tree, with dining room tablescape to match, at the Brentwood home of Realtors Dick and Judy Williams.

The peacock tree up close: beautiful ornaments and real peacock feathers make the tree stunning.

Peacock Tree

“We love to have people over to our house all year long, but the holidays are extra special. Entertaining is what I love during Christmas. Sharing with family and friends mean the world to us,” Judy says.

Judy Williams-49

With the gift of hospitality, the couple entertain year ’round but especially love hosting family and friends during the holiday season.

Though the couple love the traditional tree and Santa motifs for holiday decor, they often add unique elements to vignettes. A pair of ice skates become a winter wonderland tableau when decorated with glittery sticks, greenery and magnolias.

Judy Williams-32

Charming ice skates create a winter wonderland vignette in a nook.

A charming wintery owl duo welcome guests into the living room conversation area. Every inch of the home is ready for the holidays!

Judy Williams-23

With a tree in the background, one of five in the home, a conversation area welcomes guests with wintery owls and greenery.

The Williams have a Christmas tree in their master suite that has a romantic feel–paying homage to the beautiful bedroom decor.

Judy Williams-60

A tree in the master suite is romantic and beautiful–much like the decor of the room.

“Christmas, for us, is about Christ. And giving and sharing with others. When we see our friends and families faces light up at the magic of a Christmas tree. That is the best feeling in the world,” Judy Williams says with a smile that rivals the lights on her five trees.


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