Nashville’s latest hotspot hotel has opened its doors- and not just to the hotel itself, but to the four dining options that call Bobby Hotel home! The lifestyle concept-hotel boasts a rooftop bar, a patio cafe outside of the lobby, Tavern at Bobby and Bobby’s Garage.

We recently had the pleasure of checking out the hotel’s cafe, rooftop and lobby- and we’re still reeling! From top to bottom, this hotel is a dream. The corner cafe on the ground floor promises amazing cuisine, while the rooftop lounge and bar offers guests a pool overlooking the skyline and the general public a perfectly curated experience celebrating the adventurous spirit! (Seriously– there’s even a 1956 Scenicruiser Bus that is completely gutted and renovated to be a seating social area on the edge of the rooftop area.)

Possibly most important to note is that Bobby hotel is home to Sasha, a rescue-dog-turned-hotel-ambassador. You’re sure to meet her upon entry into the hotel’s luxurious lobby.

Moreover, each hotel guest can expect to find an embroidered towel with Sasha’s face on it that they have the option to take home with them for a $25 fee that benefits the  County Road Animal Shelter where Sasha once called home.

If you’re interested in checking out Bobby Hotel, here’s how:

  • Address: 230 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219
  • Phone: (615) 782-710


Take an inside look at some of the photos we snagged while exploring Nashville’s newest hotel: