So this year with started a bang. You set a resolution and made a commitment to yourself to make better choices for your health and, over the last few months, you have really hit your stride with exercising and healthy eating.

Then comes Spring Break.

A week away from your regular routine may have meant that you didn’t exercise, you over-indulged with your food and maybe drank more alcohol than usual. You may find yourself in a negative headspace wondering why in the world you can’t seem to stick to your commitment about this.

Well, first…stop that!

You did not do any damage in the last week … so you can stop with the self attack.

The truth is that our mind and our body need a break from routine … even and especially the healthiest one. We need to be able to let down our hair from time to time and just relax. Being on point ALL of the time is really not possible for anyone … at least anyone I know. Remember that we are seeking persistence, not perfection and it’s what you do the majority of the time that counts.

When you take a vacation, it’s a great time to let your muscles and your metabolic system heal and rest from your normal exercise routine. It’s also a great time to practice continuing to make healthy choices overall with your eating but let yourself indulge a bit more. When you allow yourself the opportunity to do this, it is much more manageable to make those consistent healthy choices when you get back home … and you may even find that you are more than ready to get back to that healthy routine!

Guilt is not a productive headspace to live in. Beating yourself up because you didn’t choose to be that person on social media that was dropping in at other gyms while they were out of town is not either. Looking at the scale and stressing over the 2 pounds more that it is showing is counter-productive.

So let it go. Think about the things that you DID do that you felt good about while you were on Spring Break. Maybe you made some positive choices this year that you did not make in the past. Think about the valuable time that you allowed yourself to rest and renew as a positive thing and let all the other stuff go.

Today is a new day and the cool thing is that you get to make choices for yourself all over again. Move forward and always remember that failure is not falling. Failure is in NOT getting back up.