Just like anyone, my eating habits are exceptional in some areas and not ideal in other areas.

My choices in what I eat are typically great, however, the circumstances under which I eat many of my meals … not so much. I am very consistent and timely with when I eat, however I have a very busy schedule during the day so many of my meals are eaten in the car or quickly in between clients. Because of this, many people see me eat during the day and this often prompts the question of what my diet consists of.

This is not a difficult question to answer because much of what I eat is the same every day. I spent entirely too much of my life feeling like my food controlled me instead of me controlling my food. These days, my confidence comes from knowing what I am putting in my body and when that will be.

I thrive on routine and consistency, so before I talk about the “what”, I will tell you the “How” of my eating. There are a few basic rules I follow that keep me consistent and make it easy. If this sounds overwhelming to you, understand that I have been doing it for so long now that it’s mostly an afterthought.

1. I eat each of my meals generally at the same time every day.

This allows my body the opportunity to know how it needs to burn my food for fuel and keeps my digestion in good shape. It also keeps me from going too long without eating and then making poor choices due to being overly hungry.

2. Because I eat at the same time every day, I always know when my next meal will be.

Before I walk out the door in the mornings or even during my day, I automatically determine if I need to have my cooler of food with me and how long it will be until I eat.
This means I am always prepared and creates a template for healthy eating choices.

3. I eat generally the same foods each day.

I may mix it up some but the makeup of the Macros (Protein, fats, and carbs) will be pretty consistent with each meal. Having this in mind allows me to make good choices when I do eat out and stay consistent with the “what” of each meal so that I don’t over do.

4. I always prep my food.

Keeping prepared basics in the fridge makes it easy to pack my meals for the day as well as have dinner ready quickly at the end of a long work day. It takes the guess work out of meals and keeps me from veering towards “easy” unhealthy choices.

Now you know the basics of the “how.” Here is the basics of the “what.”

BREAKFAST: Overnight Oats with Protein Powder, fruit, and almond butter

*On the weekends I will steer towards eggs, oats, and fruit.

LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables (usually grilled green beans and baby carrots), Avocado

DINNER: Either Roasted chicken and vegetable soup with Avocado OR Grilled meat and vegetables (usually a variety) with a good fat (such as Avocado or olive oil)
I keep it simple and stick to as much whole, unprocessed foods as a I can. I incorporate a lot of vegetables and limit the majority of my carbohydrates to breakfast and lunch. On the rare occasion that I eat out during the week, I will stick closely to these choices when ordering at a restaurant.

All of this is not to say that I am not human. I splurge occasionally, am more relaxed on the weekends, and allow myself to enjoy special events and gatherings. I do enjoy good food and treating myself, but eating healthy and consistently the majority of the time takes away the guilt of the occasional indulgence. It also gives my body the ability to better handle the occasional splurge instead of constantly clogging up my system with heavy and unhealthy foods too much of the time.

So, now you know what I eat. But keep in mind that everyone is different. Only you can decide what is right for your body and your taste buds. Only you can decide what you are and are not willing to do either.

No matter how you are or intend to strive for healthy eating, just remember that it takes time to develop a habit and have it become second nature. Be patient and persistent. Consistency is your friend!