Mocha Club kicked off a new campaign on Dec. 1, 2017, that features a unique Christmas gift option: a $250 bundle of gift cards for $35.

Partnering with stores including Nisolo, Faherty, ALALA, Jack Mason, Hackwith, ONA, SENE, Ledbury and United by Blue, $10 of every purchase will be donated to Mocha Club to help build a high school in Western Kenya.

Mocha Club staff traveled to Kenya in August 2017 to visit their local partner, Peter Ochiel with Action Ministries. Peter presented an urgent need for more than 2,300 8th grade students in Western Kenya who do not have a high school to attend. Without a high school education, it is almost impossible to overcome the cycle of poverty.

“Our goal is always to work with local leaders, like Peter (Ochiel) who identify their own needs and resources,” Mocha Club President Emily Blackledge said in a press release announcing the promotion. “Education is the core of Mocha Club’s approach to fighting poverty. When we learned of the need for a high school, we were ready to step in and help. We are thrilled to have great partners like Nisolo and the other socially conscious stores be part of this special bundle campaign.”

The special holiday bundle campaign will run from December 1 – 24, 2017 and is open for anyone to take part.

The public may purchase the holiday bundle by visiting the special website:

To learn more about the school being built in Kenya, visit Mocha Club’s website: