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The Pool Kings’ kingdom is in Spring Hill

By MATT BLOIS The center of the Pool Kings’ kingdom is a renovated thrift shop on Duplex Road in Spring Hill. They just moved in last month and there are still some wires hanging from

Have yourself a farmhouse Christmas

By REBEKAH JONES While many styles come and go, one that continues to stick around is the comfy, yet classic, farmhouse style. What better time to invest in this classic trend than the holidays? Not

8 Fun Printables to Deck Out Your Home For Fall

Sometimes all it takes to jazz up a space in your home is a small piece of seasonal decor. But if your budget doesn't allow for a shopping trip, or your schedule is jam packed

Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Boho Wall Hanging

If you're looking for a way to spice up a room in your home (or dorm), today's tutorial is a fun one! It's a super simple and inexpensive DIY decor project that will give your

O’More Designer Show House goes (slightly) north of the border

O’More College of Design on Tuesday unveiled the slate of 18 interior designers who have been selected to fashion the 2017 O’More Designer Show House, which will be held in Nashville for the first time

JAROD TANKSLEY: Painting vs. refinishing wood floors … which is better?

Many homes  have at least some areas of hardwood floors, if not the entire home. Over the years, the floors become scratched by dogs, children and just plain everyday wear and tear. A a new

7 Creative DIY Mobiles For Baby’s Nursery

By LEENA KOLLAR One of the most exciting parts about preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery. For many moms, a creative, less-traditional design is appealing, and that might mean incorporating several Do

5 DIY burlap projects to get you excited for fall

By LEENA KOLLAR I know there's still a month of summer left, but my mind is on the fast track to fall. It's the best time of year for entertaining, decorating and wardrobe re-vamping. There

7 genius ways to re-purpose old picture frames

By LEENA KOLLAR If you've got a collection of picture frames that you don't know what to do with, try going the DIY route. Before you toss those frames, check out this list of brilliant

Home show gets new owners, new name for September event

Tennessee’s largest home show, the Home Decorating and Remodeling Show in Nashville, has been purchased by All Show Services for an undisclosed amount and renamed the Nashville Home Show, according to All Show Services President

Chinoiserie is the design trend that is timeless — and about to replace farmhouse chic

Farmhouse chic is about to be replaced. Move over chippy paint and industrial elements repurposed as light fixtures. Say hello to a touch of glamour with chinoiserie. Chinoiserie,  from the French word chinois, meaning “Chinese”, or

HGTV House Hunters features Franklin couple in home re-do

HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows Franklin residents Greg and Marianne DeMeyers as they search for the perfect house. The rub? The perfect house needs lots of renovation to make it a home they can love.

The best non-breakable plates for patio parties (they look like handmade pottery!)

Melamine, a resin substance, seemed space age when it launched in the 1960s. In the early days, this durable plastic was hailed as a miracle of science with every home sporting Formica countertops and melamine

Do you know what questions to ask when buying a sofa?

By CATHI AYCOCK I once bought a beautiful Pottery Barn couch. A sofa can look beautiful but still not be right for you. Asking the right questions can help you make the perfect sofa selection.

Best of new (fab) home decor store, NEST

By CATHI AYCOCK As a self-processed homebody, my nesting instinct is always on go. Nothing makes me happier than creating a home that is welcoming and warm. Which is probably the reason I immediately fell

MADE SOUTH returns to The Factory June 30 and July 1

Nashville native and fourth-generation Tennessean Chris Thomas is passionate about reshaping the way people think about Southerners. To that end, Thomas hosts MADE SOUTH events across the Southeast where producers and consumers can meet, and

Antique, artisan and mercantile event in Leiper’s Fork builds fund to assist needy families

FRIENDS OF THE FORK The Hunt, Leiper’s Fork first ever antique, artisan and mercantile fundraiser supporting Friends of the Fork, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non –profit organization, which assists individuals and families within the local and surrounding communities

What ever happened to bedspreads?

Bedspreads ruled in my childhood years. I was never actually allowed to use them of course. Bedspread edicts in my home included "don't sit on the bed" and "turn your bed down neatly" and the

JAROD TANKSLEY: Where to put your money for home value

It's time to update your home and now the decisions have to be made. What is most important to you and your family? What areas are critical to the value of your home? Jarod Tanksley

Five things that make your home look out of date (and what to do instead)

By CATHI AYCOCK Avocado green appliances, mauve paint, all things country French and faux Tuscany: each of these trends give a specific time warp to a home. It is easy to fall into the trap

City Farmhouse Pop Up Fair is here!

The CityFarmhouse Pop-up Fair, starting Friday, June 16, at The Factory at Franklin, is a two-day vintage and antiquing extravaganza featuring 70 hand-selected vendors from all across the U.S. The Fair was named one of

Do you know what you dry your body with every day?

Towels and wash clothes are pretty intimate with your private parts. The often neglected towel touches more of your bits and pieces than almost anything in your home. And yet, we often shop for towels

New art gallery’s side business is helping NICU families

Julie Couch named the gallery after her daughter, who passed away after being born prematurely. Proceeds from sales at the gallery will be donated to a charity that raises money to help families with critically or chronically ill children.

Garden party charm for your home

By CATHI AYCOCK The whole "don't plant until after Mother's Day" adage is ringing in my ears. But the gardening itch is every bit as strong. I fight the urge to plant (and possibly mourn if

The best paint colors for 2017

By CATHI AYCOCK Paint is the bane of my existance and the joy of my budget-minded decor plans. Paint befuddles me (is this white a pinky white or a yellow white?) and those tiny chip