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Subject enthralls only guy in the art class

By LINDSAY GARRIC Men don’t often know what it’s like to be the “only one” in the room. But, within the realm of yoga classes, vegetarian restaurants and dance aerobics, the demographic can lean heavily on the

His and hers Valentine’s gifts for every love language

How well do you really know your beloved?  A card and a box of candy is nice, but show them you know what makes them tick. Speak your Valentine's love language with a gift that

Daily Obsession: Peyton Manning, bourbon and hot sauce

Daily Obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies due to the absolute amazingness of it all. Also, a dose of what is trending right this minute. Fashion, fun, beauty and more. All local. All

Valentine gifts for the practical man

So your guy is practical. He rinses out ziplock bags to reuse. Scoffs at sappy romance movies. And is the love of your life. Buying a Valentine's Day gift for the practical man is all

These are the accessories women love on men

Women love men who wear accessories. Yeah, we like looking at stylish men, but we also use your accessory selection as a sort of fashion Rorschach test, deciphering your level of humor, heart and even

Is it easier for men, or women to shed holiday weight?

By LINDSAY GARRIC Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Perhaps that’s the case when it comes to love, but what about in terms of physical fitness? And specifically, just how different are men and

Fantasy bar is within reach

Full disclosure, my "bar" is pitiful. Liquor -- none of the brands guest worthy --stored haphazardly under a kitchen counter. And OK, a few coozies, water bottles and other sundries may be in the mix. But my fantasy

He’s clearly a musician, and his dog rocks, too

By LINDSAY GARRIC Phil Shouse is turning heads. He’s thumbing through racks inside Lucky Brand Jeans at the Green Hills Mall, his long blonde hair lending a crescendo to each movement he makes. The way he dresses

Does hot Santa use beard oil?

By CATHI AYCOCK Hairy men are suddenly hot. From actor (and Jennifer Anniston's hubs) Justin Theroux to online sensation hot Santa, beards and mustaches are replacing the pre-pubescent babyfaced look. Facial hair is sexy: even

December drinks: Toddy or Tiki?

By LINDSAY GARRIC It’s almost opening time at Josephine, a “contemporary Farmhouse” restaurant and bar that is nuzzled on a busy corner in the hustle bustle of 12th Avenue South. The block feels especially festive at holiday

Carmakers build attitude with engine’s rumble

By ROB YOUNGBLOOD Are you old enough to remember the distinctive rumble that came from under the hood of a big, bad V-8? Apparently, a lot of car makers think that you are - or at

Dickens fest invites men to strut their scruff

Mutton chops, goatees and long, ghost-of-Christmas-past beards are coming to Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin this year. Dapper Dan types who love manscaping their facial hair and competitive beard growers have a chance to

Five wine lover’s gifts that make you look like sophisticated Santa

Rare varietals, wine and bar accessories and some of the most highly rated bottles of wine on the market will make the perfect holiday gift for the wine lover on your list. Even if you

How Yeti is your guy? Take the quiz

Is his spirit animal a Labrador puppy? Does he secretly wanna go all Tommy Lee Jones? Take our quiz to see how Yeti he is. OK, the entire Yeti cooler line is wildly effective. The

Three men, three shower routines

No longer content with a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap as their grooming arsenal, men are demanding products that are effective and tailored to their lives. Since 2012, the  mens grooming  business

Skinny suit not for you? Then don’t wear one

By ROB YOUNGBLOOD The skinny suit. Love it. Hate it. Don’t think twice about it. No matter what your opinion might be, it is a fashion statement for men that will be around for a

This ain’t your daddy’s barbershop!

By ROB YOUNGBLOOD Ever had a $10 haircut at one of those strip mall “salons?” You might hate to admit it but, in a pinch, many you have probably ran into a local chop shop,

Mantra: Chef culture adds to the diversity of beer

American food culture has been transformed during the past few decades by cultural diversity that has added spice, "new" foods, and a focus on farms and chefs. Chef Maneet Chauhan has been featured on the Food

Phone, wallet, keys… but no cargo pants, please

So a guy decides he doesn't want to wear goofy looking cargo pants anymore. But he wants his phone and wallet handy. Like some sort of episode of Shark Tank, he invents blue jeans that

Shaved heads can make a statement

By ROB YOUNGBLOOD Forget the political side of things, when Donald Trump was recently in Franklin (hitting the campaign trail for the 2016 election) I wanted to go just to get a close look at

New car tech toys add safety, convenience

By ROB YOUNGBLOOD Been in a new car lately? Trust me, it is definitely not your grandpa's Oldsmobile. You may be too young to remember that classic car catch phrase but it still holds true

Brotox: More men battle wrinkles

Women secretly have a love/hate relationship with gorgeous, straight men. Lovely to look at, but I don’t want to compete with a guy who has George Clooney good looks, whispered a friend about her great-looking