The beloved portrait of your children. The painting you brought back from the trip of a lifetime. The art that you love and saved up for–that you never had framed. From art that has been hanging on your walls for years to new portraits or art that you never got around to framing, the right frame can elevate the most important things on your walls.

“Frame styles change just the way home decor trends change. Framing trends have shifted from a heavy Baroque look to a more streamlined, clean style,” explains Peggy Franks with The Barn Door, 109 South Margin Street, Franklin.

Art framed ten years ago was probably heavy yellow-gold with ornate scrolling. Today, the frame would probably be a soft platinum or very subtle gold or silver with little to no detailing.

“Just like lighting and hardware on cabinets and fixtures have gotten more sophisticated and clean, framing has taken the same style cues. We have clients who bring in art and get a completely fresh look with the piece just by changing the frame,” says Franks.

Change the frame and voila! Instant new look for art and home. Frames from The Barn Door, 109 South Margin Street, Franklin.

Other trends in framing? Move over barn wood and say hello to elegant burled wood or country-sophisticated matte black.

A simple black frame can make art pop. Think of the impact a dark eyeliner can have–these frames are the design equivalent. Image from Pinterest.

“A black frame really puts the spotlight on art. And it feels modern without looking at all trendy,” says Franks.

Frames are not the only things shifting in design for 2017. Size and scale for art has become a design element. Instead of gallery walls with mismatched frames, designers are shifting to oversized statement art. One large piece becomes a focal point versus six or seven pieces that feel cluttered.

Designers are creating a focal point with one large piece of art, framed simply, instead of cluttered gallery style walls with diverse frame styles. Image from Pinterest.

If you do opt for a gallery wall? Most designers love the look if all of the frames are identical. The grouping can read as one large piece if all of the frames are cohesive.