Colonel Littleton is in the business of creating handcrafted items that are destined to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Though today he is synonymous with the finest handmade leather goods, it started with cufflinks.

Littleton bought 17 pair of antique cufflinks in 1987, selling them to upscale menswear stores. From that small beginning the self-described collector who has “a real respect for days gone by” Littleton gets much of his inspiration for new products from the past.

Located about an hour’s drive South from Nashville in Lynnville Tenn., (with a population of around 350) all of the products are handcrafted in Lynnville and designed by Colonel Littleton.


Enjoy perusing the goods at the beautiful store, filled with belts, portfolios, purses and leather carryalls. (The smell of leather alone will make you swoon, but the selection is equally breathtaking.)


Housed in an old building in the heart of downtown Lynnville, the brand is proud of not only the Made In America element of their products, but  proud of the technique. Each piece is made as many goods were  100 years ago with many made using turn-of-the-20th-century methodology and machinery. Owning a Colonel Littleton piece is part art, part history, and all exquisite.

Located in the heart of downtown Lynnville, Colonel Littleton feels like you are stepping back in time.

The store stocks everything from ladies handbags to braces and belts to portfolios, all handcrafted and meticulous in design.



Braces and belts are a mainstay at Colonel Littleton. The No. 5 Cinch Belt could have easily been worn by the U. S. Cavalry or by Teddy Roosevelt on his trek through Africa. What makes this belt so unique is its lever-action buckling mechanism, which gives it a snug fit and a style.

The No. 2 Backroad Fur Felt Hat features brass eyelets and an inside “stash” band to conceal a little “traveling” money. Colonel Littleton often wears this style hat.

If you want to shop in a bygone era for one-of-a-kind quality leather goods, head to Lynnville and say hello to the Colonel. Just don’t be surprised if you come home with some of the finest Americana style leather goods made right up the road.