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MUSE CITY: Introducing Nashville’s newest dating column

Think "Sex and the City" meets Music City. Style Home Page is excited to introduce to you the concept for our newest column...Muse City! Designed to give you an authentic inside look at the unique world of dating in Music City, Muse City will follow two twenty-something women-- June and Layla-- as they navigate the pursuit of love in Nashville. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for your entertainment, the tag-team columnists each share an unshakeable affinity for dating musicians. As such, they're here to offer you a glimpse into what it's like to be the girls inspiring songs and enduring the complicated world of love in the music industry. Named after two famous muses, June Carter and Pattie Boyd (who

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JULIE HOLT: The Lighter Side

I have a confession: I am a horrible, neglectful mother. You want to know how I know? I didn’t join the PTO, and my kids’ elementary school staff

JULIE HOLT: The Lighter Side

In the spirit of modern American ambition and values, I am considering bringing a very large lawsuit against all cable companies operating in the US. Over the weekend

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