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RAMON PRESSON: The one big problem with the three little words

In a recent scientific poll that I completely made up, “I love you” has been overtaken as the most frequently used three-word phrase in America by another three-word phrase -- “Where’s my phone?” Actually, according to a recent Washington Post article we shouldn’t be surprised that “I love you” has been toppled from the top spot. Author, Lisa Bonos, writes in “How Three Little Words Became Such a Big Deal” that “there’s more anxiety around when to say ‘I love you’ and what it means than ever before.” That makes sense. I can see how you wouldn’t want to have an itchy trigger finger on your declaration of love. Saying I love you too soon can be really awkward, such as during a first date or

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A couple of years ago, as my wife and I were on a several-hour car trip, she suggested we listen to a podcast that included an interview with Lin-Manuel

RAMON PRESSON: Much a do-do about nothing

“petty” adjective. 1. of little importance; trivial. Synonyms: trivial, trifling, minor, small, insignificant, inconsequential, inconsiderable, negligible, paltry, footling, pettifogging adjective. 2. of secondary or lesser importance, rank, or scale examples:


With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas season is now fully upon us. But let’s be honest. The Christmas season was fully upon us after Halloween. And no, this

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Why I’ll always tell my daughter she’s beautiful

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