As a curly girl, I only recently started embracing my natural hair texture.

This was after investing in my first Deva hair cut at Devachan Salon in NYC. I never even knew how curly my hair was until this miraculous shearing and education in styling.

Mica Arganaraz

Mica Arganaraz

Luckily, as profiled here on Style Home Page, Nashville’s bendy textured population can go to Juel Salon for the very specialized dry hair cutting technique that is the signature of the Deva Cut. But, ask anyone, including most stylists if “natural” bangs are an option for curly cues and you’ll likely hear a pretty vehement “no way.”

Until now. This season bangs are fringing faces in every texture, bend and swirl possible. Open any fashion mag or beauty blog and face framing ringlets are center stage. Whether moody, flat and messy or free spirited, spiral “boings,” curly bangs are totally “in.”

The shaggy curls and heavily waved bang belonging to model-of-the-moment Mica Arganaraz has popularized the look and has me coveting a frontal cut of my own.

For now, I’m still scissor shy, experimenting in the mirror with bobby pins and curling irons to see if a Cher-worthy mop of black voluminous curls framing my face and extending past my brows is a viable option. I’ve been on the edge of bangs or Botox for a while, so chiseling into the border of my ‘do has been on my prospective agenda.

Every fashion publication seems to think I should make the snip, including a really fun “QUIZ: What Haircut Should You Try This Spring” on that showcases that coveted curly shag I may go after. According to the quiz, I’m better off with a longer, piece-y bang inspired by ’60s and ’70s fashion, which sounds about right in terms of my aesthetic.

Curly Bangs Deva cut

Curly Bangs Deva cut

I’ve been posing the question of whether I should snip or not to every girlfriend I come in contact with. I show photos of my current style icons Mica Arganaraz and Cher (circa her rocker/fitness period.)

Most recently, on the eve of my fifth wedding anniversary a confident shared, “Here’s the thing. Women like bangs, men don’t.” To which I replied, as I glanced at my bearded husband, who I’ve been with for 18 years in July, “I’m not trying to impress any other men.” In fact, his beard may be the male equivalent of bangs in terms of gender preference.

So what do you think? Should I make the snip, indulge in the textured trend and perhaps put off the needle a while longer? I’ve never rocked curly bangs with my ‘fro before! It would be new, fresh and just in time to take advantage of volume-building humidity. Or should I stick with the look I’ve been cultivating for two years, which is growing out a heavy bang that I used to straighten each and every day and somehow managed to integrate with the rest of my wavy/curly hair. I finally have achieved a no-bang look, will shearing a panel inevitably end up in yet another cycle of growing out? Tweet me (@LindsayGarric) your vote!

And if you say snip, refer me to the best fringe cutters in Nashville!