Love is in the air this week with Valentine’s right around the corner! Whether you’re planning on going all out on a romantic evening with your significant other or getting glammed up for a Single Ladies round-up, we’ve rounded up some SERIOUS outfit inspiration to meet your needs…

If you’re looking for a more casual look, try sporting a cute Valentines Day-themed graphic tee with fitted jeans or a red sweater with statement pants:

If you’re not wanting to rock an over-the-top look but still want to be classy, try going for one of these looks:

And finally, if you’re of the variety that wants to rock the over-the-top, sassy look. Here are some jaw-dropping looks you can easily rock this Valentines Day:

We can’t wait to see what outfits you come up with this week! Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can swoon over you!