Our favorite world-traveling-miniature-chef has officially arrived in Nashville to provide a whole new meaning to “dinner and a show”! Originally from Marseilles, Dinner Time Stories: In The Footsteps of Marco Polo featuring Le Petit Chef has made his way to North America for the first time thanks to Nashville-based company, Go West Creative.

Having already gone viral across Europe, China, and Dubai, “Dinner Time Stories:  In the Footsteps of Marco Polo, featuring Le Petit Chef” will be in Nashville for six weeks– allowing a finite number of people the opportunity to experience the latest in experiential dining innovation. A truly completely immersive experience, this six course meal combines cutting-edge 3D technology, visual artistry, theatrical storytelling, fresh ingredients, unique flavors, sights, sounds and tastes.

Your dinner, as well as yourself, is part of the show you are watching unfold. With the help of overhead projectors that coincide with each individual place setting in an intimate room in The Standard, guests follow an animated, four-inch chef (our friend Le Petit Chef) through a two-hour, fully-choreographed meal that traces the route of Marco Polo.

While guests do get to choose their entree– and dietary restrictions are accommodated– the other five courses are a surprise. Guests watch Le Petit Chef sail away from Marseilles, France to explore culinary delicacies from other cultures, and get to try new flavors alongside him.

Stopping in Arabia, India, the Himalayan Mountains, and China, each stop and course sees not only new flavors and food, but also a new table set-up, food presentation, and background story.

Taking place in The Standard at the Smith House, an award-winning steakhouse in the heart of downtown Nashville, patrons get to visit an upscale historic mansion whilst taking part in a show led by cutting-edge technology.

The Standard’s Executive Chef Joe Shaw uses the flexibility of the show to his advantage and creates a whirlwind of a menu! Perhaps our favorite course was our stop in India- a Chana Masala with chickpeas, tomato and onion coupled with a Tandoori White Fish with cucumber garnish.

But even so, it’s so hard to choose a favorite when each is an experience in it’s own right. We’ll leave the palette-cleansing treat that awaits you in the Himalayas as a surprise, but suffice to say you certainly don’t want to miss out on it’s taste or visuals. (P.S. There is also a whiskey-smash cocktail with curry-inspired flavors! Interest piqued yet?)

The entire experience certainly made me want to bust out into a rendition of  “A Whole New World.” In addition to essentially being taken on a magic carpet ride with your new 3D chef-friend across a large portion of the globe, Dinner Time Stories allows you to visit places in the world you may not have been to yet, try cuisines you’ve been to nervous to, turn strangers sitting next to you into friends, and be the first in North America to try this one-of-a-kind dining experience!

Running now through March 17 with one show on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6.30pm and two shows on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:00pm and 8:30pm, you can buy your tickets to Dinner Time Stories HERE. Be sure to share with us your thoughts when you go!