Southern pride, as well as state and city pride are at an all time high around here. Sort of along the lines of “we hate to brag ya’ll, but damn we are great” sort of thing.

From tee shirts extolling the virtues of Southern lifestyle to ball caps that give a shout out to Nashville, brag swag is everywhere. At least everywhere in the South.

Maybe they exist, but I have never seen a shirt that proclaims “Northern and Proud” or “Hey Youse Guys.”

I think our not-so-humble brag attire may be a little payback for all of the years that Southerners were seen as cringe worthy corn pone by the rest of the country.

Now that everyone has caught on to our amazingness, we are enjoying a little Southern glory.

Below are some great brag swag that lets the world know you love the Southern life.

If you grew up saying “yes ma’m, no sir” you are probably Southern raised, no matter how far North. Southern Born tote at Kelly Spalding, 915 Columbia Ave., Franklin, 615-442-7662.


Brag swag means you love where you live. (If you know the songs these tee shirt quotes come from you score bonus home girl points!) Tees from Kelly Spalding Design, 915 Columbia Ave., Franklin, 615-442-7662.


Welcome company with the best Southern slang ever — Hey ya’ll! From Kelly Spalding Design, 915 Columbia Ave., Franklin, 615-442-7662.


Up North they call it bar hopping. Honky Tonkin’ sounds so much cooler, yes? Honky Tonk Gal tee at Kelly Spalding Design, 915 Columbia Ave., Franklin, 615-442-7662.