The home of Dr. Mayor Ken Moore and wife Linda proves all of the decor magazines wrong.

When you see glossy magazines that showcase pristine, million-dollar homes (white sofa and or white carpet must be some sort of prerequisite) the homeowner is always quoted as saying something to the effect “we just want this house to be comfortable and liveable.” Insert massive eye roll.

Can elegance and livability co-exist? Can you enter a home and feel, at once, enchanted and welcome? After Linda Moore graciously allowed us Behind Closed Doors, we know the answer.


The first lady of Franklin, Linda Moore, gives us a peek inside her home that magically manages to combine elegance with comfort, sophistication without stuffiness. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art

“I never want anyone to come to our home and think “I love the paint color, or I love this one item.” I want them to come and not put their finger on one thing, but just feel relaxed and comfortable,” says Linda Moore.


Beautiful and inviting, the home of Mayor Dr. Ken Moore and wife Linda is filled with art, collectibles and warmth. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.

The home, built in 1898, is picturesque from the front, complete with picket fencing. Inside, the home tells the story of the Moore’s interests.

“When we travel, we always bring something back. And we love art. I never worry if I have a place for it, or if it goes with anything. We buy art because we love it,” says Moore.


A vignette of eclectic items in the dining room of Mayor Dr. Ken Moore and wife Linda. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.

Travel, and curating items they find on their adventures, pop up again and again in the home. On a recent trip to Africa, the Moore’s returned home with a tribal mask that Moore will cozy up alongside art and antiques.


An African mask is one of the items that Moores brought back from a trip to Africa. Moore believes adding elements from their travels make their home interesting and eclectic. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.

“We love old things. So we have antique pieces throughout the house. And, of course, the front portion of the house is old. But when we moved here, we basically took the addition in the back down to the studs and started over,” Moore says.

A new kitchen with adjacent den and large sun porch were part of the addition, though the finishes and architectural style blend seamlessly with the original portion of the home.


The sun porch was an addition to the historic house that Mayor Dr. Ken and Linda Moore call home. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.

While many of the collectibles that are scattered throughout the home are investment worthy pieces, Moore loves adding sentimental pieces to the mix.

“Ken collects Chinese export porcelain and it is just beautiful. But I have two tiny china figurines alongside his collection. I went to the dime store in downtown Franklin when I was a little girl and bought them for my mother. They still have the five cent price tag on them. To me, they are precious,” says Moore, who was born in Franklin.


Dime store figurines nestle among rare collectibles. The figures are precious to Linda Moore, who gave the duo to her mother as a child. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.

The dining room, with a stunning handcrafted table from England, was one of Linda’s favorite rooms when she first viewed the house.

“I love a round dining room table. Everyone can see everyone. I always tell people that are building, think about a square dining room instead of a rectangle. Then you can have a round table, they are the best for dinner parties,” Moore says.


The Moores love to entertain and Linda says a round table “gives everyone a chance to be a part of the conversation”. Image from Visual Eye Photo Art.


It is clear the Moores enjoy entertaining and Linda says the house works well for small gatherings or bigger events. But even her beautiful home can’t accommodate one of the biggest events she and her husband are chairing this fall.

“We are so excited to be chairing the Heritage Ball this year. It is the oldest black-tie event in Williamson County. I love a chance for people to get dressed up and have a special night out. And, just like the city of Franklin, it is welcoming to everyone,” says Moore.

Linda Moore might be describing the Heritage Ball and her hometown of Franklin when she describes them as welcoming. But she is also describing her home. Elegant and welcoming can coexist, and Dr. Mayor Ken and Linda Moores home proves just that.


The beautiful photos you see here are from the amazingly talented Bets Wilson with Visual Eyes Photo Art.

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