Just when you think the cold weather might subside, it comes back with a chill even stronger than before. February is notorious for being the coldest month of the year in many places and that’s no different for Tennessee.

You’ll want to make sure that as you keep up with your winter fun, whether it be running, skiing, snowboarding or even something indoors like basketball, that you also prepare your body for those strenuous activities.

Below, experts at Elements Massage have put together a list of massages that can ease your pain and stress as you try to stay active during this chilly month.

Sports massage is widely used for the prevention and treatment of injuries, as well improving performance. There are four separate massage options to choose from:

  • General massage
  • Pre-event massage – focus on loosening up the muscles that are engaged during the winter activity. This helps to prepare the body to perform at its best.
  • Post-event recovery – promotes faster recovery. Helps repair any muscle strains or pulls as a result of the winter activity
  • Injury massage

For most people involved in winter sports and activities, massage can be consolidated into two types: general pre-activity and post-activity recovery massage. As a winter athlete, what kind of benefits can you experience from massage therapy?

  • Identify problem areas before injury
  • Stretch tired and tight muscles
  • Promote recovery
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve circulation

In addition to the numerous massage options, each sports massages can be customized so that they target the specific muscle groups needed for your winter activities. Visit www.elementsmassage.com to learn more about how to best prepare your body and performance.

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