Author event with Bill Haltom
Parnassus Books
Sat, Mar 16 2:00 pm

Parnassus Books is thrilled to welcome Bill Haltom for his new book Full Court Press. In his latest book, Bill has teamed up with a brilliant young writer—Amanda Swanson—to tell the story of a game-changing lawsuit, Victoria Cape v. the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association. Filed and tried in the 1970s, this landmark case under Title IX challenged the archaic rules that once confined female basketball players to a half-court game. The star witness at the trial was a young Pat Summitt who would go on to be the greatest women’s basketball coach in the history of the game. Bill and Amanda tell the story of how Pat, a brave young high school player, and their lawyers scored a historic victory for female athletes, not on a basketball court, but in a courtroom! Bill Haltom is an award-winning columnist and author. He has written 7 books, ranging in topics from seersucker to civility. His latest book, co-authored with Amanda Swanson, is Full Court Press: How Pat Summitt, a High School Basketball Player, and a Legal Team Changed the Game. It tells the story of a Title IX lawsuit that opened the doors for women in sports in general and basketball in particular. The trial of the case featured a star expert witness...the legendary Coach Pat Summitt.