Carverton with ODDNOTE, Air Ralley, Yearløve and In Confidence
Sun, Aug 11 7:00 pm

Carverton: Carverton is an American rock band formed in the spring of 2014 by Guitarist Michael Curry from Dillsburg Pennsylvania, and Vocalist Kyle Yorlets from Carlisle Pennsylvania. In the Fall of 2015 Curry moved to Nashville, joining Yorlets who was attending Belmont University at the time. The duo then found drummer Christian Ferguson, and bassist Sean Wykoski, completing their lineup. The group played their first show as a 4 piece in August of 2016. ODDNOTE: Arman Asadsangabi (a.k.a Oddnote) was born and raised in Nashville, TN with vigor and creativity only found in a very few. In 2018, Oddnote's first-ever release, the rock anthem "Money Comes, Money Goes", was immediately placed into two of the most-popular Rock playlists on Spotify, quickly generating over 600,000 streams. Regular on-air support from local rock radio stations including 102.9 The Buzz and Lightning 100 soon followed, as did tastemaker music blog press ("Rock's next generation for Soundgarden and Nirvana fans" - and the release of Oddnote's self-titled debut full-length album. Air Ralley: Based out of Franklin, TN, Air Ralley is comprised of Kevin Campbell (Guitar/Vocals), Matthew Fox (Guitar), Eden Joel (Bass), and Rocco Bisagno (Drums). With high energy performances and thought-provoking lyrics, Air Ralley brings their punk rock roots and blends it with indie rock vibes. Taking their name from fond childhood memories Air Ralley blends the heavy and the hopeful together in one solid package.  Yearløve: YEARLØVE takes cues from musicians all across the musical spectrum. Drawing influence from various genres such as pop, rock, lo-fi, and jazz. The band separates itself from the indie scene by creating a modern, yet nostalgic sound. In Confidence: In Confidence is looking to turn some heads. In less than a year of writing and recording, this driven ' alt-rock power trio ' has put together a record that reaches out and grabs you by the ears. With a sound that cuts to the core of everything rock, In Confidence proves that they have the guts to speak their minds and be nothing but uniquely themselves. With their unapologetic, aesthetically jarring artistic image and vision, this band is looking to give the term 'Rock' a facelift on and off the stage.