Ecstatic Vision with Heavy Temple, Howling Giant and Black Moon Mother
The East Room
Wed, May 15 8:00 pm

Ecstatic Vision: Ecstatic Vision comes out of hiding in 2017 with their new psychedelic-rock album RAW ROCK FURY. RAW ROCK FURY is the 2nd LP for the band and follows 2015's critically acclaimed SONIC PRAISE, which saw them traverse the globe with the likes of UNCLE ACID & the DEADBEATS and YOB. RAW ROCK FURY exhibits the band locking in on primordial-caveman-esque Detroit rock grooves, krautian motorik sounds that recall that obscure one-time collaboration between NEU and the MC5, grimy harmonica flourishes that evoke Beefheart as his rockinest, and the Hawkwindian primal world heavy psych their debut showcased to the world’s respite. Heavy Temple: Heavy Temple have stood proud as Philadelphia's strongest doom export for years now. Their earthy vibes and ethereal compositions are all grounded in a far older tradition and remind us of the burning power this music has always had. I've always thought there is something very human about Heavy Temple, they are a group who understand the sheer potency of the genre but infuse it with so much else that you're not listening to 'just another doom band.'-BY MATT BACON Howling Giant: Born out of some space fuzz chamber and dropped down on Nashville, Tennessee, Howling Giant’s form of metal is a unique and eclectic fairy tale trip through the stars. - New Noise Magazine Black Moon Mother: After playing in a 10 piece rock’n’soul cover band in downtown Nashville, Black Moon Mother founder, Brianne O’Neill realized that playing for tips was slowly destroying her artistic soul. She yearned for the freedom to make dark, heavy, dynamically beautiful tunes. After meeting prolific drummer Jeffrey Ehlinger, who introduced her to the local psychedelic rock scene back in 2014, the window of opportunity opened. After a video surfaced of the two-piece Guitar/Drum show in O’Neill’s hometown of Philadelphia, Ehlinger’s fellow Ascent of Everest member/guitarist Corey Taylor offered his soundscaping services to Black Moon Mother.-by The Nashville Psych Alliance