Frances and The Foundation with North By North, The Shadowtones and Soviet Shiksa
The Basement
Sun, Aug 11 8:00 pm

Frances And The Foundation: Samantha Frances’ roots began in Colorado, encompassed a short stint in Seattle, and now she’s firmly planted in Nashville. Her band encompasses the 90's alternative rock that teenage gangsters always look for, in the best possible ways. Songs like "Ghosts" from Frances & the Foundation's debut EP prove the band lends itself to comparisons of The Cranberries and a more raw Florence & The Machine. North by North: Formed in 2012, North by North is the sweat-fueled rock & roll fever-dream of two childhood friends from the south side of Chicago. Their music was forged through years of teen angst, twenty-something alienation and a profound belief that rock music can be genuinely clever and inventive. It’s a sound glued together by melodic hooks, soaring vocals, crushing guitar, bombastic drums and the kind of untethered energy that has won crowds over hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals across three countries. The Shadowtones: Alternative/Indie band from Nashville, TN. Soviet Shiksa: SOVIET//SHIKSA is the amalgamation of late nights watching horror movies, apathetic stand up routines and an ever-evolving roster of personal heroes that may or may not be dead already. SOVIET//SHIKSA formed quietly in the winter of 2017. Compared to Acts like The Cramps, Nick Cave, and Morphine, SOVIET//SHIKSA's Christopher Shawn croons over shady, deserted musical landscapes that may or may not be filled with the rotting remains of old lovers and flames.