Pot Luck with Poverty and the Arts
Poverty and the Arts Gallery
Sat, Jan 12 4:00 pm

Join Team Lightning in supporting Poverty and the Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit combatting homelessness through entrepreneurship and the arts. POVA helps homeless artists find additional revenue streams by selling their art in galleries, art crawls, showcases, and more. Before each art crawl, volunteers come together to provide a warm meal for the artists in a pot-luck style sit-down dinner. Cook up your favorite family recipe and enjoy the company of some of Nashville's most passionate and talented creators before taking in their work at the first art crawl of 2019! Please aim to arrive by 4:00pm so that the meals can be ready to serve by 4:30pm. Note that some POVA artists do not eat pork, so we ask that you avoid pork dishes.