Pre-Valentine's Day Mixology Mingle: Create Cocktails with your Partner
Dabble Studio
Wed, Feb 13 6:30 pm

Perfect Valentine's Eve Date Night in Nashville! Learn to Create Cocktails With Your Valentine Love to enjoy a drink? Love to entertain? Love to learn the details about your favorite spirits? We love anything that brings our friends or family together around the table, or around the bar! Join us to discover the secrets of making delicious and impressive cocktails right in your very own home.  We'll talk through the basics, plus a few fun ones! To get you excited, here are a few spirits you'll be sure to have mastered by the time you leave this hands-on mixology class: tequila, gin, bourbon...and rum!  We'll make sure to have lots of cheese and charcuterie on hand so that we're all able to keep the drinks flowing!