Rock and Soul Show featuring Rachel Rodriguez and Jannelle Means with Amanda Broadway
3rd and Lindsley
Wed, Jun 12 7:30 pm

Rachel Rodriguez: Rachel has established herself, in Music City, as an enchanting frontwoman, with her powerful vocals and versatile repertoire. She has taken her musical roots and has created a style of her own. The combination of her Latino heritage, rock n roll attitude and soulful voice give her a unique sound. Jannelle Means: Jannelle Means, originally from Chattanooga, TN, currently lives in Nashville. Her love for music probably started when her mother witnessed her doing the rock that Michael Jackson does in the video “Rock With You” when she was around one or two years old. Her love affair with music continued on. She was always involved in musical events from elementary school until now. Ms. Means was recently a vocalist in a cover band that traveled to different cities to perform. She has now decided to pursue other opportunities that allow her to use her musical gifts.  Amanda Broadway: Blurring the lines between Woodstock era rock’n’roll and 1970’s progressive soul, the Amanda Broadway Band unites vocal dexterity with groove-oriented songwriting.  Based in Nashville, TN, the hair-flipping, tambourine-wielding Broadway captivates audiences with her authentic musical voice and soul-shouting enthusiasm.  Grounded by a superb rhythm section, compelling background vocalists, and punchy, dynamic horn parts, the band brings earnest and infectious energy to every performance.