Saggar & Horse Hair Alternative Firing
Harpeth Art Center and Gallery
Sat, Mar 16 10:00 am

Students will fire up to 4 pieces that are up to 9" tall. You can choose Saggar and/or Horse Hair firing for each piece. Using Raku Clay is suggested for Horse Hair Firing. Laguna #55, B-Mix or a smooth clay body will work for Saggar.  Mud Puddle Pottery Studio will bisque fire your pieces for the workshop. They must be brought in by March 13th to catch the bisque firing. Your pots have to be bone dry by March 13th before they can be fired!!  It is suggested to apply Terra Sigilatta to the pieces before they are fired, and it is supplied and available at studio with instructions.  Rain date is Sunday, March 17th       Students will need to wear long sleeves, long pants and closed toe shoes for safety.  Bring a lunch and let's have some fun!