Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown with The Wans
The Basement
Fri, Dec 07 8:00 pm

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown: Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown is a rock & roll band from Nashville, TN. Loud & Proud. The Wans: The best rock & roll doesn’t have to be heady or pretentious—it has to hit you square between the thighs. The genre’s name was always a feverish, rollicking euphemism for sex, and too often these days, that base, primal essence of what once made it so great is diluted to the point of powerlessness. Nashville band The Wans are a potent antidote to this lack of passion—a pure, concentrated shot of life-saving adrenaline stabbed straight into the flatlined heart of rock & roll.  Singer/guitarist Simon Kerr, bassist Thomas Bragg and drummer Mark Petaccia craft epic, unapologetic rock anthems with instantly memorable hooks built to last. Now gearing up for their third release, the new EP Run Baby Run, they’ve grown into impressive songwriters—not necessarily in the tradition of Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, but in the way a band like Led Zeppelin was able to uniquely fuse unforgettable guitar lines with wailing rock vocals, ushering in an era where it was impossible to separate song from performer