Zach Vinson with Moda Spira
The High Watt
Wed, May 15 8:00 pm

Zach Vinson: Zach Vinson is thankful he’s not releasing a break-up album. That certainly could’ve been the case. Come to think of it, he’s thankful he’s not releasing a falling-in-love album either. Those two pillars of pop music (and the human experience) exist for good reason. But Vinson’s latest album, And Yet, explores less-charted relationship ground: What does it look like to stay in love, to stick it out when it would be easier to throw in the towel? We all love the feeling of falling for somebody, and we can identify with the pain of a good break-up song,” Vinson says, “but we don’t talk much about what happens in-between. To me, there’s tremendous beauty and nuance in the fight to stay with the one you’ve got, to recognize the mystery of someone you thought you had all figured out.” Moda Spira: Singer, songwriter, and producer Latifah Alattas opens her heart and soul with Moda Spira, a project marked by an uncommon emotional honesty and melodies brimming with tenderness. Her intimate vocals are complemented by music that wraps you in its comforting warmth and draws you into the embrace of the heart’s deep core. “In Latin, moda spira means the continual act of breathing,” Alattas says. “I began writing to explore what intimacy means, in all its beautiful and maddening aspects. There are times in relationships that are so intense, you find yourself saying, ‘Just keep breathing!’ Like loving, breathing is something you have to do every day to feel alive. Moda Spira felt like the perfect title for this project.”