Send a Thank You

 It’s important to make sure your clients know they are appreciated. Do you have a client that sends you a lot of business? If so, thank them with a gift. Or, send a small gift or card to all of your clients.

Review Your 2017 Estimated Tax Payments

How much income have you produced this year? Does it align with what you have made in estimated tax payments? If not, adjust your final payment.

Check-in with your CPA

Schedule a quick phone call or face-to-face meeting with your CPA to discuss maxing out your retirement accounts or other tax deductions that may be beneficial for you to consider prior to the end of 2017.

Consider Setting Up a Formal Legal Entity 

If you operate as a sole proprietor but have scaled your business in 2017, you may want to consider whether an LLC or Corporation makes sense for your business. Setting up a formal legal entity, especially an LLC or Corporation, can protect your business assets and offer tax savings.

Get Organized

 Now is a great time to get rid of any clutter, have your office or workspace deep cleaned, scan and shred any unnecessary paper documents. When you come back in the new year, you’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the ground running in a clean and organized work area.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox

If you don’t already do this on a daily or weekly basis, get your email inbox to zero. Go through each and every email and either delete, delegate or save in a designated email folder. Then, go through and unsubscribe to email subscriptions that you no longer are interested in receiving.

Plan for 2018 

For some businesses, December is especially busy. But for others, December may be a slower time. Regardless of where your business falls on the busy scale, set aside some time in December to plan ahead for 2018. Write out your annual and monthly goals. Then, break those goals down into weekly and daily goals, with specific tasks tied to each day or week to make sure you are able to achieve your 2018 goals.

Schedule Vacations and Appointments

Schedule your family vacations, weekend getaways and personal days for all of 2018. Then, schedule your wellness days for each month (i.e. fitness, massages, doctors’ appointments, personal appointments). Self-care, exercise and rest are necessary for our future health and success. Unfortunately, most of us get busy and forget to address these areas of our lives, putting work first. When you schedule it first, and put it on your calendar, it is much more likely to occur.


Acknowledge Your Failures and Celebrate Your Success

Before moving on to 2018, take some time to acknowledge any failures. Learn from your mistakes and consider any changes that need to be made to move your business forward. And, finally, take some time to celebrate your success in 2017, no matter how big or small.

Anna Freeman Greer describes herself as “entrepreneur first, attorney second.” After starting and building her own law practice in 2009, she quickly realized her passion for helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and grow their respective businesses. Visit her at