Remember when cupcakes were the sweet of the moment?

Cupcakes were on top of the world and doughnuts were an afterthought to coffee, and the primary food choice for sitcom cops.

Today, doughnuts, in all their hole-in -the-middle glory, are trending again. Foodies are elevating the humble fried circle of dough with unusual flavors. Think maple bacon, blueberry lavender and Moosetracks.

Of course, a plain doughnut can be heaven if prepared well and served with love and lots of sugar.

Below are five doughnut eateries that you need to try. All are brilliant in their own doughnut hall of fame right. From the classic fried doughnut to the 100 layer doughnut, these tasty treats are the real deal. No sitcom police required.

Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts
Franklin Farmer’s Market every Saturday and various food truck locations

The line at Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts at the Franklin Farmers Market is your first clue to the doughnut greatness that awaits.

A deep fried cakey doughnut covered in a crust of cinnamon and sugar or a robe of velvety chocolate? Two reasons there is a line every Saturday at the Franklin Farmer’s Market to buy these goodies from food truck Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts.

The flavors are limited but anything but basic. The cinnamon sugar doughnut is sublime. Buy a dozen and enjoy later with a scoop of ice cream. Amazingness!

Five Daughters Bakery
230 Franklin Rd, Franklin
1110 Caruthers Ave, Nashville
1900 Eastland Ave Suite 101

A donut fancy enough for an upscale dinner party? The 100 Layer Donut at Five Daughters Bakery fits the bill.

The most gourmet foodie loving spot in the doughnut bunch, Five Daughters Bakery uses high quality “grass fed” French butter and single-origin chocolate. All of their ingredients are always non-GMO and they buy organic and local sourced whenever possible. Every bit of love lavished on the ingredients show in every bite of their famed 100 Layer Donut (it takes four days to make a single batch).

Try Peaches and Cream with vanilla cream infusion, Chocolate Sea Salt or Birthday Cake donuts. You will swoon. And so will your guests since these gourmet donuts are worthy of dinner party dessert or wedding receptions.

Gourmet Donut
3993 North Mt. Juliet Road, Mt. Juliet
(615) 758-6559

The bakery case is bursting with donut goodness at Gourmet Donuts in Mt. Juliet.

In this family-style donut shop and cafe, the pastry case is filled with sprinkled, iced and stuffed donuts of every flavor. Freshly made daily, this is a donut that demands a cup of coffee and a leisurely morning. The chocolate donut is amazing and the sprinkles topped donut brings out the kid in everyone.

Fox’s Donut Den
3900 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville

Donuts yes. But Fox’s Donut Den offers old fashioned crullers and other bakery goods to tempt.

Practically a food landmark in Nashville, Fox’s has been around more than 30 years for a reason. Donuts, crullers, cream filled Long Johns and more fill the homey space with sugary goodness. They have a rotating flavor menu including the to-die for red velvet flavor.

Krispy Kreme
408 Thompson Lane, Nashville
2103 Elliston Place, Nashville

Classic fried doughnut goodness is yours to be had at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

When the Fresh, Hot, Now sign is flashing my car has a mind of it’s own and heads to Krispy Kreme. This venerable Southern-based doughnut shop is in multiple locations because the light-as-air doughnuts are wildly popular. Nothing cake-like or multi-layered in these babies. Just fluffy, friend sweet goodness.