Avocado green appliances, mauve paint, all things country French and faux Tuscany: each of these trends give a specific time warp to a home.

It is easy to fall into the trap (we paid good money for that fake Tuscan stone wall mural 15 years ago … ) and even easier to become blind to the things we live with every day that no longer are in style.

We offer a list of the  top five things that make your home look dated. And ideas for options that give your space a fresh style.

Swag bag
Swag window treatments are out. Ditto fringed trim or ornate, poufy window treatments. Instead, opt for classic, linear drapes, bamboo blinds or traditional plantation shutters.

Simple drapes and matchstick bamboo blinds are in. Swags and poufy drapes are out.

Faux no mo’
Faux finishes, especially those mimicking stone or aged plaster are out. Today, real organic elements like a stacked stone fireplace or wooden ceiling beams add the real deal for interest. In many cases, a fresh coat of paint (over those faux murals) will instantly update a room.

Faux paint (Tuscan style anyone?) can date your home. Real elements like stone or wood add interest that is on trend.

Ornate rugs that aren’t
Ornate fake Persian rugs were all the rage for decades. That day has ended as designers want authentic or nothing. Instead of a fake Persian, look for a simple sisal or loomed rug. The look is clean and doesn’t feel as though your house is trying to be something it isn’t.

A real Persian rug is perfection. A fake feels … dated. Opt for a clean sisal or jute for a fresh look. Image from Pinterest.

Accessory overload
If you have more than ten accessories in your family room (on tabletops, bookshelves, mantel) consider editing your collections. One power piece, a large-statement accessory, is much more on-trend while lots of little collectibles reads granny.

Edit your collectibles and choose large pieces for impact to update your home style. Image from Pinterest.


Matching sofa and loveseat
Symmetry is one thing. Two sofas facing each other is classic. But matching sofa and love seat? Like design-lite, the big box furniture store favorite is dated. Instead, buy a sofa and two chairs or two sofas. Who can really sit comfortably on those so-called love seats anyway?

Symmetry is classic. A sofa and love seat is dated. Try a sofa and two chairs or two sofas instead of the loveseat/sofa duo. Image from Pinterest.