PHOTO: Tessa Robert, the founder of inJOY, a personal assistant matching company for busy mothers. / Photo courtesy of Tessa Robert


After Tessa Robert worked both as a missionary, then as a personal assistant to a family, she discovered a common connection between the two.

“I found the best way to love on people was to share life with them,” Robert said. “I didn’t want just any old job.”

Through Robert’s service to one family, she decided to start inJOY, a personal assistant matching company geared towards busy mothers who need a little extra help around the home. She also felt dedicated to creating this business because of her own role as a mother of a three-year-old daughter.

“I just realized there was a need for mothers to be well supported within their homes,” Robert said.

With the idea of a part-time employee whose duties are a cross between what a babysitter and a cleaner does, Robert took off running.

“There was really nothing like it in the Franklin area,” she said.

How it works

Launched in July of 2017, busy moms can go to inJOY’s website,, to purchase a subscription for services.

A $50 annual fee allows customers to select certain services, like doing laundry, preparing meals, tidying up, helping to unpack after a move, and helping get ready for guests. Assistants do not handle child care, Robert said.

Services last a minimum of two hours, at a fee of $25 per hour, and a maximum of six hours. All payments are processed through the inJOY website.

“A lot of times, people don’t want someone to come every day or every week,” she said.

The quick and easy nature of the platform has drawn in customers. Robert said she has built her following mainly through word of mouth and social media like Instagram, where she shares recipes, tips and inspiration.

inJOY assistants provide help around the house, like laundry, party prep, and other odd jobs. / Photo courtesy of Tessa Robert

Future plans

Robert began the company with herself and one other employee, and has expanded to a team of six. They are currently mainly servicing Williamson County with the goal of broadening their reach to Nashville.

After solidly carving out a niche in Williamson County, Robert eventually hopes to expand the service nationwide.

And Robert doesn’t just see her work as a job, she views it as a higher calling.

“Everybody saw that as a ministry,” she said, an “opportunity to fill a practical need for people.”

“My whole thing is things need to be simple and practical. I’m not here to give you a makeover, but I do try to provide as many tips as I can,” Robert said. “When our houses are decluttered and we have simple, healthy recipes to follow, it’s easier to enjoy motherhood.”

What’s in a name? Robert said she was sitting on her porch when the name inJOY came to her.

“I see moms so often who are overwhelmed,” she explained. “We want to come in homes with joy. We do it all in joy.”