As much as I enjoy seeing pumpkins carved in really cool designs, I hate having to actually carve pumpkins. It’s messy, it’s smelly and my carvings never turn out the way I imagined they would.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to decorate pumpkins that don’t involve carving. So if you’re like me and prefer the easier pumpkin decorating route, check out these no carve ideas. Whether you want to display a pumpkin on your front porch as fall decor, or set it out for passersby who are trick-or-treating, these are not your everyday pumpkin designs and they deserve all of the attention they get.

Galaxy Art Pumpkin

via Easy Pumpkin Ideas

For an out of this world pumpkin design, try this galaxy inspired look. With acrylic paints, fabric spray paints and plenty of glitter, your pumpkin will be sparkling more than any star in the solar system. Get the instructions from Easy Pumpkin Ideas.

Buttons Pumpkin

via Mom 4 Real

Want your pumpkin to be “cute as a button?” Well, here ya go! Just hot glue buttons in a random pattern, add a matching bow and voila! Check out this, and more pumpkin decorating ideas, at Mom 4 Real.

Floral Painted Pumpkin

via Craftberry Bush

Put that artistic talent you’ve got to use by decorating your pumpkin with a hand painted floral design. Use acrylic paints to make your masterpiece, and sign your name with a gold sharpie. Find more fun fall and Halloween projects at Craftberry Bush.

Metallic Painted Washi Tape Pumpkin

via Time With Thea

For a simple yet elegant pumpkin look, try using washi tape and metallic paint. Your pumpkin will stand out, not because of the complexity of its design, but because of the way it so easily grabs your attention without doing anything at all. Get the full tutorial from Time With Thea.

Two-Tone Pumpkin

via Make Garten / Good Housekeeping

Choose two colors that you want to use, pick up some paint in those colors and do a two tone pumpkin look. You can mix things up by taping different areas of the pumpkin to create fun designs, or keep things simpler with equal amounts of color on top and bottom. Head to Good Housekeeping for more pumpkin decorating ideas.

Sequin Striped Pumpkin

via Better Homes & Gardens

Talk about a pumpkin with pizzazz! Add a major dose of dazzle to your fall decor or Halloween celebration by gluing or pinning sequins in various colors to your pumpkin. The step-by-step instructions are at Better Homes & Gardens.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

via Mom Spark

As someone who loves rainbows, I fully approve of this multi-colored pumpkin design. All you need to create it are crayons and a blow dryer. I love how there’s no way to predict how this will turn out, which is half the fun in doing it! Learn how to master this look over at Mom Spark.


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