Since man discovered fire (and well-aged marbled steak) there has been an obsession with grilling.

With grilling season here, it is time to ramp up your grilling game with some cool accessories. New gadgets to add flavor and ease to your man-meets-fire culinary experience.

Roasted garlic on crostini is one of the unsung wonders of easy appetizers. This cast iron garlic roaster make it easy. Pop in a whole head of garlic, drizzled with oil. Place the roaster on the side of the grill and let the smoky heat give you perfect roasted garlic. Great for aforementioned appetizer or scooped on a baked potato or … seriously, anything is good with roasted garlic.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster for the grill, $14.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


You don’t have to own a massive smoker to enjoy the flavor of specialty wood smoked food. These Hi Mountain Smokehouse cans are filled with curated wood and spices. Open the lid and place on your grill. Your salmon with flavors of alder wood and orange peel will be swoon worthy.

Alder Orange Smoke Can, $4.99 at Savory Spice Shop, 324 Main Street, Franklin.


Sometimes the chef is running around socializing. This cool Bluetooth-enabled thermometer lets you check the steaks from anywhere. Even if you ran in the house to grab a cold one and got sidetracked. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Weber iGrill Digital Bluetooth Thermometer, $99 at Target.


Cedar plank grilling is so 2016. Summer 2017 is all about grilling with salt. Specifically this Himalayan Salt Plank. This is a foodie favorite, Himalayan salt has over 80 trace minerals present. So when you grill your steak on the pink salt block, you get more than just a salty flavor.

Himalayan Salt Plate, $34.95 at Savory Spice Shop, 324 Main Street, Franklin.