Just like the leaves have changed color and the weather has started to cool down, so too will your hair transition into something new this fall. The question is, what is that something new? Depending on the type of hair that you have (dry, oily, thick, thin, etc.), the way you cut and style your hair will be different for everyone. If you already have something in mind, great! If not, here are five hair trends that we’re seeing all over women right now. Perhaps you can rock one of these for the rest of the fall season.

Curtain Bangs

It’s not just bangs that are in- it’s curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are bangs that look like they’ve been pushed to both sides like curtains. You essentially create a “part” in the middle of your bangs to create this look. It’s so simple to do and you can try it with short or long bangs with any hairstyle!

Cream Soda Hair

A hairstylist in Los Angeles coined the term “cream soda hair” to refer to the honey blonde color that many women are dyeing their locks. It’s supposed to represent cream soda by using golden tones with a slight orange cast.

Shaggy Bobs

When I say “shaggy,” I mean tousled looking. Bobs that give you that bed head look, but in a stylish way. If you have naturally wavy hair, play that up. If you don’t, give your bob a messy look by teasing your hair a bit at the roots or using styling tools to create a slight wave.

Platinum Blonde

There’s blonde, and there’s blonde. This fall, when it comes to coloring your hair, the blonder, the better. I’m talking so blonde that even the snow can’t compete. This works best on women with hair that is naturally light, so that dark contrasting roots don’t start growing in. However, with proper maintenance, dark haired beauties can pull this look off too.

Buzz Cuts

After Kate Hudson recently chopped off her hair for a movie role, buzz cuts are becoming popular. If you’re brave enough to try this dramatic look, there are lots of ways to wear it. Keep some hair on the top to brush to the side, or do a full on buzz cut that doesn’t even need brushing. Make this look your own so you’ll feel extra confident!


Leena Kollar is a writer, wife, mom and fashion blogger. She runs the women’s style website, The Style Spectrum, which guides women on finding the best clothing, makeup and accessories for their body shape, face shape and individual seasonal coloring. The overwhelmed mother of two (three, if you include her husband) enjoys solo trips to Target, audience-free trips to the bathroom and sneaking treats after her kids have gone to bed.