It’s no secret that Nashville has been enduring some shockingly low temperatures as of late. Since we don’t seem to be getting any respite from the unbearable cold (sans snow…), we’re here to share the secret to fashionable layering for when the weather is unforgiving to our Southern wardrobes.

The objective is warmth, but the struggle is finding layers that both look and feel good together. If you try to simply layer different tops that don’t compliment shapes and sizes, chances are you’ll end up looking like the snowman we all wish we were building.

For the clothing base- depending on how cold it is- you’ll probably be best off dawning a cami and thick sweater on top. Especially if your sweater is cable-knit, you’ll want that extra wind protection. For the bottom layer, we LOVE the Spanx Faux-Leather Leggings (pictured below) that everyone’s been raving about. They’re surprisingly warm and give you the shape you want.

photo via Pinterest

This is the tricky part- how to layer on top of a sweater without looking like a marshmallow. If you’re going for a more casual look, a *slightly* oversized jean jacket is the perfect addition to an earth-tone sweater. It adds a pop of color as well as contributes a new texture to your outfit. Look how cute and easy this look is:

photo via Pinterest

If you’re still in need of more layers: BREAK OUT THE DUSTER COATS! Duster coats are going to be your best friend in layering because it offsets the length of your base layers and typically can be found in varying materials of thickness.

We love this look which pairs multiple layers, lengths, and materials:

Over-the-knee boots are another secret weapon to enhance your Winter Fashion game- you immediately look more put together, stylish, and effortlessly have an added layer of warmth on your legs.

The fun part of layering is you can alter your outfit throughout the day to match the weather as well as your agenda. If you want to look casual at lunch and striking at dinner, the winter temperatures don’t need to stand in your way! You simply need to switch out layers or add and subtract as you go along!