I met Brandy Adams at her home in Brentwood a couple of years ago.

I was taken by her love of mid-century modern furniture, to which I have an affection for as well.

At the time Brandy was hosting small pop-up sales out of her home. Brandy now shares her fondness for all things vintage, Mid-Century Modern, and the best part: affordable items at her pop-up show called Make+Model at her studio.

Her next show is 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Dec. 1 at the Make+Model studio located at 4320 Kenilwood Dr, Ste 105, Nashville. I sat down with Brandy to learn more about how she got started and one of the most important items for the modern home.

How did you come up with the idea to start Make and Model?
A love for vintage has always been in my blood. My mom had an estate sale business and antique shop so I was introduced to the “thrill of the hunt” at a young age. What I enjoy most is finding these unique pieces then researching to learn as much about them as possible (i.e. their “make and model”) which is how I came up with the business name. MAKE + MODEL started as a vintage pop-up shop out of my home. I would have sales every 3 months and stage my entire downstairs as a shop. This allowed people to envision the pieces in their home. My inventory and customer base grew to the point where my home could no longer be the venue for the sales. I moved into a studio space and did my best to create the same vibe.

There are so many pop-up shows out there but your look is not barn wood and farmhouse, how did you develop your style?

I’m not sure I can say how I developed my style. I just buy and surround myself with pieces I love. I never buy anything for the shop that I would not have in my own home. I love Mid Century Modern for its clean lines and form and function design, however,  I like to mix it with other styles, such as Parisian and Bohemian, so space feels layered and interesting.

Where you find your items for your pop-up sales?
I have a saying “dealing vintage is like dealing drugs, you never reveal your source” but of course, in general, estate sales and auctions are my go to.

You always have a large collection of barware, would you say that is something missing from the modern home?
Definitely. I have a thing for vintage barware. It has become one of my signature items to always have in inventory. I love using them when we entertain. Everyone always says a cocktail taste better out of a vintage glass. They also make wonderful gifts!
Tell us more about your upcoming Holiday Pop-Up?
We have a huge collection of Mid Century barware, vintage holiday décor and local candles by Nashville’s Ranger Station. We also have 4 guest vendors: Gina Julian – artist, Melissa Crochet (Peacenik) – textiles, Brittney Forrister – vintage clothing and Erin Sparks (Vintage Sparkle) – prop rentals. This will be a perfect opportunity to find one of a kind, unique gifts and to support local Nashville business owners.

Thanks to Brandy Adams for taking time out to talk with us. Be sure to follow Make + Model on Facebook for the latest updates.