It’s a sad truth that the groom’s duties are often overlooked and underappreciated.

Wedding planning seems to center around the bride and other ladies involved, but the groom can have a lot on his plate, too!

I’m lucky enough to have an awesome groom, and he worked hard for our wedding. He took care of a lot of the tedious, boring details – not fun things like cake-tasting or dj-picking. Reflecting after the whole affair, we came up with a to-do list for a groom-to-be.


Choosing groomsmen is hard. My husband had key people in mind, and I didn’t want to dictate whom he could or couldn’t pick. We ended up with an uneven wedding party, more men than women, and that was fine with us. At the end of the day, it’s important to choose the people you want standing by your side regardless of numbers. Make your choice and let those boys know ASAP!

The Bachelor Party

My husband was so excited to go all-out for his bachelor party. There was talk of going to the Smoky Mountains or Florida, but he wanted to make it really memorable. He wanted to go to Vegas. He made a Facebook group, spread the word, and ran a great PR campaign to make it happen. All in all, he got nine of his friends to go, and they had an amazing time! And yeah, bachelor parties get a bad rap, but they are such a great bonding opportunity for a dude and his friends. The memories will last a lifetime.

Suits and Facial Hair

There are almost as many varieties of suit style and color as there are wedding dresses these days. Once you’ve decided on the overall wedding colors, decide on the suit. Black is classic, but we went with a navy to suit the overall pastel color theme. My husband wanted to pair the suit with cognac shoes, and my mom and I thought that color shoe wouldn’t go with the suit. We were wrong. My husband has better fashion taste than I do.

Once the suit is chosen the groom has to then organize renting or buying the suits, going in for fittings with the groomsmen, and picking and dropping the suits off. They went to Street Tuxedo and really liked the service provided. My husband also made an outing of fittings and pick ups by grabbing lunch with the guys, too.

On the wedding day, the boys rocked their navy suits and ties, white shirts, and cognac shoes.

Another big decision for a groom and his groomsmen is facial hair. Should the groom go with a beard? Stubble? Clean shaven? What about the other men? My husband flirted around with the idea of a Van Dyke beard but even I wasn’t chill enough to greenlight that. In the end, he sported a very manicured beard. We even tested out “growth time” beforehand to gauge just the right amount of weeks of growth.

Wedding License and Rings

My husband handled all of this, and I am so grateful. We went to our local government office late one Friday afternoon, and we got the wedding license all sorted. There wasn’t even a line. Make sure to bring along one form of government identification, a driver’s license or a passport works, and check on hours of operation. You’ve got to apply for your license 30 days before or after your wedding. The busiest wedding months in Tennessee are May and October, so avoid the month leading up to those dates. Also, it’s really easy to give your government office a call to double check any details before showing up in person. It wouldn’t be fun to have to go back a second time because you forgot to bring some paperwork along the first time.

In terms of wedding rings, we knew our rings would be simple. We went for the classic yellow gold band, and he ordered from Shane Company. Quick tip, the same rings were $100 cheaper on Shane Company’s website than they were in the store. I don’t know why this is. In addition, my husband talked a lot about de-gloving accidents caused by wedding rings – a ring can get caught on the skin and essentially tear off the skin of the entire finger. So, there are some nifty silicone rings that can keep an active, married-person safe from a de-gloving incident. QALO is a good online brand with great pricing and durable products. We are going to pick up a pair for ourselves.

Transportation and Lodging

Again, thank you to my husband for handling logistic pieces like this. After the wedding ended, I never really considered how my husband and I would get around or where we would go. I knew that I would rather spend our money on a nice honeymoon hotel than a wedding night hotel, and we weren’t fussy about a car service either. He booked from Matchless, and our driver was punctual and even had chocolate covered strawberries ready to gift us in a cooler. It was great!

The wedding couldn’t have happened without my amazing husband and all of his hard work! The groom’s duties don’t get a lot of love, but they’re so important in making a wedding day perfect. Keep these things in mind as you plan for your big day!